Monitor What Is Being Said About You Online

Many of you search your name in Google and would like to know what is being said about you online. People spread information may be about you or your business that you should be aware of. Instead of scanning the search engine regularly for results with your name, you can automate the process of monitoring your online reputation. You can even be notified if there is any new entry on your name or on that which contains your name.

There are three services that can help you monitor what is being said about you online. They have been discussed for you in this article.

Google Alerts:

google alerts

This is one of the services that provides updates of the most recent Google results admissible to your search within various categories. The categories may be news, tech, facts, reviews, or anything else. It all depends on you to get updated once a day or once in a week or month, as you can choose as-it-happens. Subsequently, these updates are sent to your emails. Also, there is an option to set up a personalized feed.

To receive email updates you do not have to sign up with Google. However, as a subscribed member you can centrally manage all your alerts about you online and your reputation.


trackle alerts

This is a service dedicated to tracking the personalized information about you online. You must sign up with your email address and password to receive the updates. Once you’re signed in, Trackle offers more features that are simple and quicker than Google Alerts. There are many ways to receive updates via the web portal, email, SMS, or through your feed reader.

The biggest difference between Trackle and Google Alerts is that Trackle has a lot more entertainment value. They have prepared search queries, known as Tracklets. These are made available through their Tracklet catalog. The categories include books, health, people, and travel. You can browse the catalog and add any of the Tracklets to your subscriptions.

To set up company search, type in the query “Research company, product, topic or person”. What do you think will be the result for this query. It will display all the relevant results from the past three days up to date.

You can get directed further to some other page by selecting the type of results. Click “track this search” when you feel that you’ve got related search result. However, you can set up the time to run the search and to execute the result.

You will receive latest alerts through your email. You can see what you are tracking within your subscriptions and can eventually update them. Trackle has an interesting feature that includes a widget for your website.

Social Mention:


SocialMention is a way to get updated about what the social media world is thinking about you. You can search for a huge number of topics through this service. And as usual, the result page provides the detailed analysis of the query. There is an option to narrow down the search by specifying details in the advanced search. The search resultant data can be downloaded as CSV file/Excel sheet. So that could be easy for anyone to understand the query analysis. And you can subscribe to get the alerts through email or RSS feed.

These are the three services with which you can monitor what is being said about you online. May it is about you or your business, you will receive the updates and alerts periodically through emails.

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