evernoteEvernote is released a new web clipper add-on for safari, opera and chrome browsers. It is an archetypal note-taking software. Earlier web browsers used this for saving snapshots of webpages to Evernote. But now for archiving Gmail messages the improved Gmail clipper is more efficient.

By using new Evernote clipper, you can clip the email then it will de-clutter the email and re-formatting the entire thread so it is more readable. You have an option to read the messages individually in the thread when you clip a lengthy email conversation in Gmail.evernote

Using Gmail clipper user can save the file attachments and also inline messages cloned to email. It also saves the PDF documents and excel-sheets in Evernote which are in email.

To activate the clipper, you would need an Evernote account in your browser. Install the clipper at

After the research on Evernote clipper, it will also work as specially designed for Gmail, Large threads with more than 20 email messages will handled easily. In Evernote the rich text-formatting of HTML messages is preserved well and the file attachments were successfully saved. If you save an email thread as a note in Evernote, you can share it with anyone.

You can use a google sheet, if you would like to archive multiple emails from Gmail to Evernote. Also the Evernote web clipper helps to save your emails to Evernote manually.

That’s it all about the Improved Gmail clipper from Evernote.

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Article and Image Reference: Labnol