Vertu Signature Cobra Costs As Much As 460 Smart iPhones

Signature Cobra

There are a huge number of expensive things available on the market that is a lot more crazier. Besides its craziness and expensive, it has its own use in the real world. Now, it’s time for this new phone, Signature Cobra by Vertu that costs as much as 460 smart iPhones.

Do you know what Vertu is? Vertu is a symbol of smart and luxurious mobile phones. People will find the latest phone manufactured by this luxurious phone maker is over-priced. The company’s latest offering is the Vertu Signature Cobra that costs Rs.2,30,00,000 (Rs.2.3 crores). And being priced at this range, anyone will expect the phone to be like a sensible human packed with a whole lot of smart features. They include a fingerprint scanner, an iris scanner, super-fast processor, high-definition display, and everything.

The worst thing to put out is that the Signature Cobra doesn’t even support 4G LTE. It not even features a touchscreen. It’s a Nokia 3310 rival with precious stones on it. The only highlight of this phone is that it has 439 rubies fitted on a cobra design on its front. The eyes of the cobra have 2 emerald stones and the entire phone is completely filled with other precious gems.

The most important thing for those planning to buy is that only 8 of these phones will be ever made. And the ones who buy this will be one of the very few people in the world to own it.

Moreover, the delivery of this Signature Cobra to the buyer will be in a helicopter. And this would be the fastest delivery for those who can afford to buy this phone. These 8 limited editions of this phone will be available in China through The pre-orders can be placed for Rs.10,000.

Now let’s see the features offered by the manufacturer. It features a 2-inch QVGA display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and is protected by unbreakable Sapphire Crystal. And the storage is 16GB with 2GB RAM. It is designed to have a removable battery that offers less than 6 hours of talk time.

The features of this Signature Cobra clearly shows that it is uncomparable with iPhone or Nokia 3310. The only thing about this phone that makes you feel curious is the stones and gems on the phone and nothing more than this.

So, this is all about the Vertu Signature Cobra that costs as much as 460 smart iPhones.

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