Tips And Tricks For Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Windows Phone Tips and Tricks

Windows Phone 8.1 Operating system didn’t exactly reach the users of Android or iOS. But this Operating system will surely impress anyone when they get used to it. It’s quite impressive and has a huge number of additional features in it.

The beginners of Windows Phone may not completely know how to operate this phone. And so they may get irritated with this Operating system. There are tons of tips and tricks to know all about a Windows Phone 8.1. Sitting with your Windows Phone for hours to know about your phone will help you to some extent. But still, there will be some features hidden in the phone to know more about it.

So, here are we to help the beginners to let them know all the tips and tricks for better usage of Windows Phone 8.1. Here we go.

1. More space for tiles:

You can see the apps in your Windows Phone in the form of tiles on the home screen. The phone is consisting of a number of apps and you have pinned all of them to the start. This will take more space on the start menu to show all the apps and you need to scroll down to see all the apps. Don’t worry! Windows Phone has an option to add more tiles on your start screen. See how it can be achieved.

Go to Settings, tap on Start + theme in the system settings. Scroll down and turn ON Show more Tiles. This will make the tiles on the start menu smaller which in turn will let you arrange more apps on the Start screen. Now you need not scroll your start screen as before to see all the apps that are pinned to you start menu.

2. Taking a screen shot:

Take screenshot in Windows Phone

Generally, taking a screenshot in smartphones is easy. But many users don’t know how to take. Usually, pressing the home button and the lock button simultaneously will get you with a screenshot. Unfortunately, there’s no home button on Windows Phone. Even though, it’s easy to take screenshots with the phone. Just press the volume up button and the lock button simultaneously. Then you can find your screenshots in the photos album.

3. Pin Everything:

Usually, we pin all our apps that are found when we swipe left to the start menu. Not only, we can pin apps, we can also pin documents, individual contacts, and games, OneNote notes, the playlist in Spotify, and many others directly to the start screen in Windows Phone 8.1.

4. Project my screen:

Windows Phone 8.1 allows you to watch the videos on a projector, desktop or laptop. A simple setting is to be done on your phone. Go to Settings, in the system settings, tap on “Project my screen”. This will search if there is any device nearby to which your Windows Phone can be connected wirelessly. If it couldn’t support wireless connections, no need to worry at all. We can get it done through a USB cable.

5. Customize most used Settings to the action Center:

There are four setting available in the action center. It will enable you to get quick access to that particular setting which you are set within the action center. It is also the notification center where you can see all the notifications for your phone. You can customize the action center according to the most frequently used settings.

Take screenshot in Windows Phone

Go to the Settings app, tap on Notifications + actions, you can see four actions. Tap on each action and customize the setting you wish to have in the action center.

6. Jump around in the app list:

Generally, in any phone, you have to go through the list from the top. Thanks to Windows Phone, there is no need to scroll from the top of the list. You can jump directly to wherever you want. Simply tap on the # symbol or the alphabet that is shown on the apps list. This will show you all the alphabets along with # symbol. Then you can tap on whatever alphabet you want and proceed.

This can be useful inside many apps such as music and contacts.

7. Jump around in the photo album:

As you tap on the # symbol or the alphabet to jump to the list of apps, contacts or music, the same way, you can do in the photo album. But here you can see your pictures and videos according to the month and year of saving the picture or video. You need not keep on scrolling your screen for your old pictures.

Go to Photos app, in “All” tap on the month and year shown on the screen. Now you will get a list of months and corresponding year of when you have saved the images. then tap on the month and its corresponding year to see the images saved in those dates in that month of that year.

8. Get a new picture every day as lock screen:

lock screen on windows phone

There is a default setting that gets you a new picture on your lock screen every day. The windows Phone allows you to use the photo as your lock screen. By default, bing is one of the services provided in the Windows Phone 8.1. You can set you mobile to change the lock screen every day according to the pictures on the bing.

Go to Settings, tap on the lock screen and then choose the background. There will be three options when you click on this. They are photos, Bing, and Facebook from where you can set you background pictures. Select Bing and this will automatically, change your lock screen pictures every day.

9. Adjust text size:

size of your text on your Windows PhoneYou can adjust the size of your text on your Windows Phone to whatever size you want. There are 9 sizes of the text in Windows Phone. You can set to the size according to your vision requirement.

Go to the Settings, click on Ease of access in the system. You will find text size and a scroll bar below. Use the scroll bar to change the text size. An example of the size will also be given for your confirmation. This will change the text size on you Windows Phone.




10. Scan text:

Scan text on Windows Phone

You can scan any text using your camera lens. It will show the text after scanning the text which you want. It also can convert the language of the result. It can support more than 40 languages for scanning. After scanning the text, if you wish you can translate the text into whatever language you want to translate among those languages.

Click on the search button (magnifying glass symbol) on the bottom right side of the Windows Phone. You will find a bing page. Then tap on the vision symbol shown below, now the camera lens is ready to scan the QR code. Then click scan text for scanning the text. After that, click on translate, you will get a list of languages, tap on the language you want to translate the scanned text. Now, you will get the texts that scanned.

These are the tips and tricks for the Windows Phone 8.1 users. There are furthermore tips to know all about Windows Phone. But these are the tips and tricks that will help you use your phone to its maximum.

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