How to hide private photos on any Smartphone?

Hide File and folder

Your smartphone may have valuable information, photos, and videos. If you do not keep it safe, others may approach to see or steal it at any time. This is a guide to help avoid that. We provide you with simple guidelines on how to hide photos on Android smartphone without any kind of Android App. After reading this trick, you can protect your personal photos and videos even without an App help on your Android phone.

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Step #01 Open the File Manager app on your Android device.

Step #02 Once you have entered the file manager, you will see the ‘Find All Files’ (this option is most likely found in the settings section).

How to hide photos on Android Smartphone without any App?

Step #03 Now create a new folder with the name and place a full stop before the folder name. For example: “.private pictures”

Step #04 Now move your personal photos, videos, and documents into the folder that you created earlier.

Step #05 That’s all. Your personal files will now be hidden from your gallery.

How to Unhide the Hidden Files in Android Phone

File Manager >> All Files >> Options >> Show Hidden Files

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