Denver is home to more than 200 pot shops since the barriers lifted from the sale and consumption of hemp-based products in the state. You will find more recreational dispensaries than Starbucks in Colorado, and they account for nearly 5.5% of employment growth in the region.

Recreational Dispensaries

Colfax Avenue is one of the streets fueling the pot industry in Denver. With 16 dispensary licenses on this street alone, you can easily find a reputable Denver recreational dispensary near Colfax to meet your weed needs.

After finding a dispensary, you can’t just barge in, though. It requires some preparations and etiquette on your part when you enter a dispensary. Here are some practical ideas and tips that can help.

ID Is Essential

You can only buy recreational marijuana if you are 21 years old and have a valid ID in Denver. People under a valid age aren’t allowed inside the dispensaries, especially if they have marijuana products on display.

You may be asked twice to show your ID to the bud-tenders, once when entering the shop and then, at the time of purchase. You may carry any of these forms of identification to Denver recreational dispensary near Colfax Avenue:

  • State-issued driving license
  • Passport book/card
  • Native American Tribe card
  • Active military ID

The dispensary must check your ID and avoid fines that range from $10,000 to $100,000 or suspension of license. So, it will help if you don’t forget to bring your ID to purchase weed.

Be Respectful

The dispensaries in East Colfax have high sales and revenues. Due to the increasing number of buyers and visitors, lately, they have been forced to follow strict security measures. When you are in store, respect these measures and follow them agreeably. Security guards, equipment, and posted signs are there to ensure your safety as well.

Know Your Buying Limits

In Denver, the packaging for recreational marijuana edibles is standardized to 10 mg to 100 mg per serving. Whether you are a local resident or traveler in the region, you can’t buy more than one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes in one go. For medical marijuana, you can buy up to two ounces at a time.

Pay Cash

Out of 16 dispensaries in Colfax, a majority allow cash payments only. When planning your first trip to one of them, carry sufficient cash to make payments. Some dispensaries, however, have on-site ATMs to facilitate the buyers. But, it makes sense to do your research first.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

If you are new to recreational marijuana, you may be confused about your choices. The employees at recreational dispensaries are well-educated to help you through the process. They know about the local laws, health effects of pot, recommended dosage, etc.

The state has strict labeling requirements, including universal THC symbol, license numbers, store name, logo, potency, dosage, etc. Ask questions when you don’t understand any of these.

Also, don’t talk on the phone or snap photos without permission inside a dispensary. It can be distracting or annoying for other customers in the line. Even after buying cannabis, ask about the places where you can smoke or consume it.

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