Yang Huiyan, China’s richest woman’s wealth rose by $2bn in four days

Yang Huiyan
Yang Huiyan in 2006.Source: Imaginechina

Yang Huiyan, deputy chairman of Country Gardens Holdings Co, one of China’s largest construction and real estate companies, has risen their net worth to $ 2.1 billion in the last 4 days. On January 5, Yang Huiyan is the China’s 5th richest person.

Sudden growth

Yang Huiyan holds a majority shareholding in the County Gardens Holdings Co. These stocks, which are listed in the Hong Kong stock market, had hiked to 7.4% on Monday, up from 17% in the 2018 Year To Date.

Country Gardens Holding Co
Source: Bloomberg.com

4 billion dollars

Their salaries have risen to about $ 2.1 billion in the 4-day trading in 2018. Yang Huiyan’s assets are at $ 25.6 billion at the end of January 5. Yang Huiyan, 36, is the youngest billionaire on the list of Chinese billionaires. It is noteworthy that she got those shares in the Country Garden Holdings Co through his father. The 36-year-old Yang is China’s richest woman and the nation’s youngest billionaire, according to the Bloomberg index.


Yang Guoqiang
Yang Guoqiang

His father, Yang Guoqiang, to teach business to his daughter Yang Huiyan, transferred majority shares from the County Gardens Holdings Co., in 2005. Her father Yang Guoqiang co-founded the company Country Gardens Holding Co., in 1992.

“The company reported preliminary 2017 contracted sales of 550.8 billion yuan ($85 billion) on Friday, exceeding the 500 billion yuan target is provided in August.” -Bloomberg

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