Features Of Google

Google is the father in the Internet world. Google has different answers and solutions for whatever be the problem. You will never get a NO answer from Google in any way. 90% of the people use Google for all their requirements. Google search has a variety of ways to explain its answers on the system. Like it can exhibit its response in the form of images, videos, articles, tutorials, and many other ways. There are a plethora of features of Google that not everyone knows them.

You might know some of the features of Google. But what we are going to discuss today might amaze you as they are unknown features. And these features of Google are the ones you must know about.

Let’s get into the features of Google to know more about the website for a better Internet world.

1. Atari Breakout Game:

Atari breakout

This is a game made famous by Atari. You just need to simply go to Google images and type “Atari breakout”. This will lead you to a page where the screen with all the images will turn into an interactive version of Atari’s breakout. It is a game where the user needs to move the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen by just moving the mouse from left to right and vice-versa.

The ball that is bouncing will have to touch only the bar and not the ground below the horizontal bar. If the ball touches the ground, the ball will stop to bounce for a while and again it starts. But by moving the horizontal bar, the ball will continuously bounce. While bouncing, the ball will hit the blocks one by one reflecting from the horizontal bar. Doing this constantly, we have to hit all the blocks with the ball so as to erase the whole screen. After hitting all the blocks, it will take to the other levels.

2. Search flights on Google:

Search flights

Google allows you to search for the flights. Type Flights in the search bar, and click on “Flights” in the top menu of the screen. You can even compare the airlines to know the best prices for the upcoming travels you would like to go. Type the departing airport and the destination. Then filter down the flights by the airlines, flight length, price, and more.

3. Google Public Data Explorer:

Public data Explorer

The Google Public data explorer has a huge collection of data that the users can access for free. It is able to represent data graphically so that it becomes easy for anyone to understand the view. Here is an example on “Unemployment in the US” to understand the graphical representation of Google Public Data Explorer.

4. Google Translation:

Google translate

What do you think is the use of Google translator? Google translator will help you in translating the words from one language into another. It will be more useful when you are learning a new language or if you don’t know some language. You can type the word in one column in your know language and just select the language in which you want to change that sentence or words. This will easily translate the words to preferred languages.

5. Google Compare:

Google compare

Have you ever thought to compare the nutritional information of two different foods? If you wish to know the nutritional contents of any food item, you would just Google search about that particular item. But how can you compare two items? Yes! Google compare will do it for you. It’s now become so easy to compare the nutritional information about two food items, fruits, or any eatables.

You just need to type “compare, followed by, the two foods’ names which you want to compare”. Then click enter or search button. This will display the result for your search.

6. Google definitions:

Google definitions

Most of the users will have a dictionary or a thesaurus to know the meanings of any unread or unknown words. But now, with Google definitions, it has become easy for anyone to know the definitions within some fraction of seconds. You need not keep your dictionary with you all the time as this will bring the meanings at your fingertips.

All that you need to do is simply type “define” and “the word which you would like to know the meaning of”. Then click enter or tap on search. This will get you with the meaning of the word you have searched. Doesn’t this seem an easy way to get rid of turning the pages of a dictionary in search of a word? Yes, Of course. And I’m sure you will also find this simply superb and continue with this Google definitions.

7. Google Conversions:

Google conversions

Google conversion is a tool that helps you in some of the mathematical conversions. For instance, you can convert a ton to know how many grams or kilograms a ton is. Likewise, you can convert any units to convert. This will be more helpful while you are studying and sometimes, it will help you out in other ways too. You can select whatever is the unit you wish to convert to any other unit.

8. Google Sky:

Google sky

We know Google earth with which we see the route maps on the Earth. And now, Google has introduced Google Sky. It will allow you to have a look at the sky and the stars. You can be able to see the galaxy with this Google sky feature.

9. Excluding Search terms in Google:

excluding search terms

When a user is searching for something, in particular, they may get all the results related to the search. But that’s not that which the user is looking for. The result might be anything to everything which is related to the search in any way. Then what is that you need to do to get the search result in particular to what you are looking for. When you search, you may get an extra word in the results. Simply add a minus symbol (-) after your search word and that should be before the word which you don’t want it to be in the search result.

This will eliminate that word to which you have added minus symbol and will give you the result. This is one of the rare feature of Google that most of the Google users might not know. But anyhow this will be an effective way to get the exact and particular result for your search.

10. Google nGram viewer:

nGram viewer

The nGram Viewer is a tool that most of the users are unaware of. Google has indexed over 5 Million Books online, so they can instantly tell you the history of the occurrences of words in books throughout time. You can also put commas between the words to compare words over time. You can also adjust the time frame of what books to look into between 1800 to the present time. It compares Frankenstein, Albert Einstein, and Sherlock Holmes by default.

These are the features of Google that you must know about to become a knack in the Internet world. Go through these features of Google to know more and more about what’s happening in the day-to-day life around the world.

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