Wedding rings hold a distinct place in every couple’s heart, and that’s why they want to make this choice perfect. The minimum expectation that one can have about a ring is that it should be durable. Silver, gold, and platinum form some of the traditional choices. However, the current trends suggest that tungsten carbide and titanium bands are the new children on the block. It will not be wrong to say that tungsten has become an alternative to gold because of the price differences and ability to give a more fashionable vibe.

wedding tungsten ring

Tungsten carbide includes the elements of tungsten and carbon atoms to retain its hardness and mitigate brittleness. Today, it has turned into a ubiquitous choice for every couple. But before anyone invests in it, they like to know a few things about it. You may also be attracted to its fashionable look and designs but want to reconfirm if it’s the right choice. In this article, you can learn a few things about it and eventually take a call.  Most people are curious to find out if these rings are safe to wear every day. Let’s cover this aspect through different points.


Many people ask about the long-lastingness of this metal band. They want to know – will it break? The material is hard and will retain its shine and luster for an extended period. However, a sharp blow can break or develop cracks in it. In normal conditions, there is no such risk.

Daily use

Can you wear them during physical activities? Almost every day or quite often, men do weightlifting, kayaking, cleaning, and many other strenuous activities. When they play sports or indulge in exercises, they usually prefer removing their jewelry. But many men still don’t open their rings. Hence, due to that thought, you probably want to clarify. Anyway, the good thing is you can wear a tungsten band and still perform all daily activities. It is scratch-resistant too. So, you don’t have to bother about its wear and tear. Just remember, when you do workouts, your primary focus should be the comfort. If you feel the ring can interrupt, then take it off and wear it again when done.


Another thing that bothers a lot of people about their choice of jewelry is the risk of scratches on the surface that can tarnish its beauty. But as mentioned earlier, tungsten is a scratch-resistant material. Hence, you don’t need to take tension in this area. Corrosion cannot blemish its polish and shine. Some people choose silver tungsten ring for this particular reason.

So, what are you deliberating now? If you also had the same set of doubts as others, then most probably you have got your answer. You can visit TungstenRings for exploring choices. The rings can be available in different designs and colors, such as black, gray, white, silver, gold, wooden inlay, and much more. All of them look stylish and can quickly blend with any fashion sense, be it casual or formal. Plus, you don’t have to spend a high amount on it as the gold in most cases. Hence, it can be an affordable option for you.

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