How To Hide Files In Your Computer

You may want to hide your important files and folder for various reasons, it may be a personal file or folder or it may be very official. Following  are some of the ways to hide your secret files and folders using free tools on the computer. Hide Files in your computer which necessary to maintained privacy and confidential. There are lots of computer tricks here we will see about hiding files.

Ways to hide your files from the other people:

Using cloud:

Instead of storing files on the physical disk, you upload it to online using Google Docs(1GB),Windows SkyDrive(25 GB) or Box(5 GB).

Dropbox is the other option to store your files online, but it has some problems, because it synchronizes the files automatically with your hard drive.

You can also save online using your web email. Attach the messages and email it to yourself. But it does not exceed 10 MB in Hotmail and 25 MB in Gmail.

If you are attaching your files and folders that is prohibited in your mailbox, make sure that you have changed the file extension or otherwise Gmail scanner will reject your message.

Hide inside the private folders:


Put your secret files in one folder and Use MyLockbox utility, it makes the folder invisible in your hard disk. Again using MyLockbox you can access those files.

The free edition of MyLockbox hides only one folder but to hide many folders,  use the Winmend utility. Using this you can hide your individual files and also your folders.

No can read your files folders without knowing your password.

Using Camouflage to hide your files and folders:



You can use the Disguise Folders like the Control panel, Recycle Bin or even Fonts Folder to hide your files and folders. The Disguise Folders is a free Windows utility that can disguise any folder as a system folder.

When you open the “disguised folders” inside the Windows Explorer, it will not show the actual appearance but when you open the same folder through “disguised folders” it will show the files with actual appearance.

If you use the “disguised folders” no one can see the actual appearance of your files or folders. Its the easy way to hide files in your computer.

Using Steganography Technique:

            Steganography Technique is nothing but saving your files and folders into another unsuspected folders.

For example: Saving your file in unsuspecting folders like cooking tips. You can embed your private files into another files, it may be an MP3 file or a JPEG file. When someone double-clicks the containing folders, the image or MP3 will open in the default player, but it holds all your private files.

You can also use the free utility Our Secret to hide files inside regular MP3 or JPG images using copy command.

Your hidden files will be saved secretly inside the carrier of JPEG or MP3. It reveals the hidden files when you open this carrier file inside Our Secret. When we hide the files inside an another image using the DOS copy command it can be extracted using any Winzip like utility. It does not require any special program.