Fix The Slow Internet Connection At Night Times

slow Internet connection

Being in work all the day, most of us go online during the night times. We make ourselves free at that time to rest. And that is the time we use the Internet connection but we find that it is slow. Many times, you might have noticed that the Internet connection is lost during the night time. Do you think that there is any particular reason for the slow Internet connection or loss of Internet connection?

Yes! There are many reasons why the Internet connection goes slow at night times. And it is possible to overcome this problem. Firstly, let us see that reasons for this slow Internet connection and then the solutions for those issues.

Reasons for Slow Internet Connection And their Solutions:

1. Internet Thieves:

One of the best features of Wi-Fi is its easy access provided to the Internet. It can be password protected so as to get rid of all the other devices’ connecting to your Wi-Fi. And make sure that your password should be difficult to guess for other users. Because easy passwords or no password can be accessed by anyone and even everyone. There is a free program called Wi-Fi History View which will let you know all the devices connected to your network. You can see the IP addresses of the devices you don’t recognize that are connected to your network.

If you recognize any IP address connected to your network, you can get the devices disconnected only with changing the password for your router.

2. Congestion:

This problem arises in a situation when too many users are trying to connect to the same Wi-Fi network at a time. Then you will be able to see the connection speed is significantly impacted. During night or a holiday time, people will mostly be connected to the Wi-Fi network doing their own works. So users connected to the same network find a slow Internet connection and congestion.

You can get out of this by selecting a different channel for your router. In a 2.4 GHz frequency router, channels 1, 6, and 11 are most recommended among 11 channels. You can use the remaining channels other than these three for a better connection and get rid of congestion. You can even select any other router with more frequency router.

3. Outdated Equipment:

There are various models of routers such as B, G, N which are found to be the older ones. AC routers are the latest ones which people are using now. These AC routers are set up from the old routers. These new routers have more features and offer better performance. AC routers have a maximum spectral bandwidth of around 8 x 160MHz, compared to the 4 x 40MHz standard of N routers. The increase in the bandwidth allows more data transfer without slowing down the Internet connection.

4. Router’s security settings:

Protecting your network from unauthorized bandwidth usage could slow down your network. If your network has not been secured with a password or is using WEP, it’s better to change the security settings immediately. Otherwise, outers can easily steal your Wi-Fi network which is open or the older WEP security can be easily hacked. And as a result, you will see a slow Internet connection. Finally, you will be left with WPA, WPA2 with TKIP or WPA2 with AES.

WPA and TKIP are the protocols that you have to avoid because they are older and insecure too. And they will slow down the Internet connection. It’s better to use WPA with AES as it is secure and lets you achieve high-speed Internet connection.

5. User Device out of range:

The Wi-Fi network has a particular distance up to which the user can get connected to the network with ease and fast. And if the device is out of that range, you might experience a slow connection or even no connection. So make sure that you are in that range while you want to connect with the network at night times. Moreover, routers are not meant to transmit signals to long distances.

If you find any slow Internet connection though you are in the router’s range of signal transmission, you can use a Wi-Fi extender to boost the range of the router’s transmission. You can even go for a mesh system to boost the range of the router.

These are the main and basic problem you can notice with your routers at night times. And follow the solutions given for each of the problems explained here. I’m sure, these solutions will help you get out of the slow Internet connection.

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