How to Clear All Windows Cache Files and Free Up Disk Space

How to find and clear all Windows Cache files - Make your computer faster

Everyone who uses the computer is required to remove the files called cache. It is necessary to remove temporary files to run the computer smoothly. Some of these temporary files may be difficult to find and remove because they are in many forms.

Let’s see How to find and clear all Windows cache files every 30 days.

Step 1: Go to Setting >>> System and proceed to Storage

Step 2: There will be “Change how we free up space” and click on it.

Change how we free up Space

Step 3: This is where the temporary files exist. It’s enough to click on the “Clean Now” button. It is noteworthy, there is an option, that these files will be deleted 30 days automatically.

Free up Space now

How to Clear Temporary File Cache

There is a space in Windows to store these temporary files. This temporary data will only be required for a few minutes. To clear these files, click on windows start button and find Disk cleanup Application. This application can clear unnecessary files on the desired drive.

Disk Cleanup.jpg

How to Clear Windows Store Cache

If you do download apps from the Windows Store, these apps will store more caches. These caches accumulate more space on your computer and the computer will not only be slow and it will get hang also.

So you have to clear it first. WSReset.exe will be available on the computer. By enabling this, you can delete unnecessary files.

All you need to do is to press the Windows key and R key on the keyboard simultaneously. Then type WSReset.exe and just click on the OK button on it.

How to Clear Restore Cache

If your computer stops working suddenly, then this restore will be useful to you. If suddenly the computer turns off, this restore will give us all the lost files.

At the same time, if some unwanted files are deleted in this re-store, it will be used to help the computer to run faster. Do you know what to do to clear it?

  • System Protection -> Select drive -> Configure
  • Select unnecessary files and delete it.

How to clear browser cache?

It is important to clear the browser caches occasionally. But these clearing processes may vary depending on your browser.

If you are using Google Chrome, go to Settings -> Advanced settings and click on the Privacy Settings there. You can then clear the cache image and files in it.

Google Chrome Clear Cache

If you are using Mozilla FirefoxB rowser Settings -> Advanced section -> Network tab -> Clear Now.

Mozilla Firefox Cache

Thumbnail Cache

Start menu -> Disk Cleanup app. And then you have to do in it is search for thumbnail and clear it.

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