Programming Google Home

Google Home

Just imagine what if you could talk to gadgets to know your day better. Thanks to Google Home, you don’t have to imagine what’s going to happen in life. Simply say, “Okay Google, What will be today like?”

After IFTTT announced integration with Google Assistant, You can log in and set up tricks of your own. Anyone will want Google Home to recite your daily activities. And also sort of as a way to remember them for each day of the week. You can now program Google Home to have a complete conversation with you using some key phrases.

For instance, you can program Google Home to broadcast your WiFi password to your house guests. The best thing about this feature is that you don’t need to ask it. If anyone shouts ” Okay, Google,” then it will immediately respond. This makes it easy for anyone that guests are being to your home.

Start With IFTTT:

IFTTT already has a wide range of available applets for Google Assistant. This works well with the Pixel and Home. Thanks to some of these formulas that you can use them even if you’re out and about as long as you have a compatible phone on you.

To get started, select the option to make a New Applet. Search for “Google Assistant” as the service and select “Say a simple phrase.” And here you have to program Google Assistant to reply to certain phrases.

Make it Dynamic:

Before programming, think of which kind of answers and intelligence do you wish to have from Google Home. Which type of tone do you like to listen: a smooth tone or a robotic sound? You can program it simply as you like it by choosing the right dictions and options.

Now think about what you’d want to say to Google Home to trigger the formula. Make the phrase easy to say and as few words as possible, for your own sake. Though take advantage of the option to add two other ways of triggering the formula. It’s better to avoid using punctuation, sine that’s not the way Assistant will parse your question. Once you’ve figured out what to say, you can instruct Google Home about how to respond.

Then That:

The only disappointment with IFTTT is that you have to program a then that for the formula to work. This is great news if you’re a Tech Head and your house is filled to the brim with services that integrate into IFTTT. But it’s sort of useless when you’re simply trying to talk to Google Home.

So you can set up Google Home to send you a notification whenever this trick is pulled out. To do so, simply search for “notifications” as the “then that” formula of the applet. Once it’s set up, the IFTTT applet will push a dismissable notification to your smartphone. You could also take an advantage from this. For instance, IFTTT is programmed so that when one of my guests asks for the WiFi password, a notification is sent to your smartphone.

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