Google starts Family Library

Google launches Family LibraryGoogle had announced this morning publicly the launch of “family –library”-a program which permits up to six family members to share their purchases Google Play over the devices. This contains the ability to share movies, Books, Tv shows, apps and games on Android tablets and phones, and in few cases across the ios, the web and remaining connected TV platforms such as Roku ,Smart TVs Android  TV and more.

Music, meanwhile, can be used up to 6 family members by the Google ply Music’s family plan.

Family Library’s pending launch had been rumoured for months and was prematurely reported as having gone live earlier in July.

Though Present Google only kicking off the public rollout, we are told.

In the next few days, this service will be in available for Australia, Brazil, France, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Newzealand, and the U.S., U.K.,

Beside of launching the family library, Google is also elaborating access to Google play music family plan that allows up to six family members group songs about $14.99 monthly. Before it is available in some countries like U.S., U.K., France, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Germany the service now newly starting in Mexico, Italy, Ireland, and Newzealand. Currently, the customers can also sign up on the web or on their android device.Google launches Family Library

To start in the Family library, users will create a new setting in the play store where they will arrange one person as the “family Manger” and he will add other persons in the group. The family Manger is responsible for adding and removing the member’s and he should be the adult. They will also take care of about the payment information where the money charged for family purchases.

By default, the purchases of everyone will be shared with all, but there is to choose the selective items also. That is useful for when the times no one wants to be worried about dad’s collection of war movies, probably mum’s cheesy rom-com.  And if you don’t want to share everything in the group then select not to share them.

Family library is also useful to respect the parental control settings you are arranged on children’s devices, so immediately they won’t access to R-rated films, for example.

Same as like Apple’s Family Sharing service, parents can support the younger family purchases request. But this is uncomfortable to launch. After the request, the parents had to type in their password on the kid’s device. This procedure should have growth over time, however.

Which is making Google’s Family Library different from Apple’s service? Google play is available ahead of Google’s own platform. Movies, TV shows and books are available for the Google’s apps on the web and IOS In addition to available on the Android. In the Google play movies & TV app, you can watch  tv shows and movies anywhere which  run like Roku and smart TVs

“Play by its nature is available in more places, and we actually think that’s important for user choice and flexibility,” says Eunice Kim, who is Senior Product guide for Google’s family’s initiatives at Google Play.

As well as, she adds, Family Library has supple payment options. Though there is a credit card that will be shared as the family expense method, members are always ready to buy items by their own expense methods, includes Google wallet, gift cards too.

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