Tips to cure Sun Stroke

The stunning sun above May looks like bright and lively, but during the summer season, it gives more exposure that affects our health. Sunstroke is the most common health problem during the summer where the regulating system of our body gets slow because of excessive exposure to the sun, extremely hot environment and laborious physical activities. Sunstroke is considered as a rise in body temperature, spasms and even it cause to go in the coma. You will suffer from sunstroke if you don’t use home remedies to avoid sunstroke. To get the body heat slow down during the sunstroke we have to follow these tips.

This summer health problem occurs due to long exposure to the sun, where our body temperature rises and might gets the problem for vital organs. It is mentioned as heat stroke and it occurs during the summer. When the person’s temperature reaches above 40 then the person starts to feel like weak, vomits frequently and feel dizzy. At that situation, you may need some home remedies to get rid of that.

The possible causes that have been recognized for sunstroke are extended exposure to high temperature, excessive consumption of alcohol, decreased sweating, heavy exercise and work out, working with difficulty during high fever conditions and loss of essential minerals from the body. If you do not find any of the above causes for sunstroke, then it is a common health problem in the summer.


The common symptoms of sunstroke are sudden dizziness, vomiting, high fever rising up to 40 degrees Celsius or above, fast pulse, lack of sweating, weakness, muscular pain and contradictions, Unconsciousness and fast breathing. And also the skin becomes dry and hot at that particular time that can also lead to mental confusion.

Let’s see some home remedies which help you to avoid sunstroke during the summer.

An onion a day can keep sunstroke at bay

Onion is well known for absorbing heat benefits and works to prevent sunstroke magically. It is better to keep one white onion in your pocket or bag that helps to fight against heat. When the patient suffers from sunstroke it is best to apply the onion paste on the forehead of the patient.
Sun Stroke

 It’s all about hydration

During summer, it is most important thing to drink water frequently because to keep your body cool and get rid of sunstroke. If a person found with the symptoms of sunstroke, the first thing you need to do is give him/her sufficient saltwater to avoid dehydration.

Sun Stroke
Magical fenugreek

Dried fenugreek leaves are one of the home remedies to prevent sunstroke because it works magically in avoiding sunstroke. Immerse the leaves in cold water and mash them with hand. Add honey to that and give this mixture for every 2 hours so that you may find fast recovery in the patient.

Sun Stroke

Buttery buttermilk

Buttermilk is also one of the good remedies which cures sunstroke quickly. It should be taken twice or thrice in a day until the symptoms are completely cured. You can take yogurt mixed with water instead of buttermilk. It keeps the body cool and reduces heat temperature.

Sun Stroke

Diet ‘Rich’ in Fruits and Vegetables

A good way to prevent sunstroke is to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Watermelon, pineapple, cucumber, oranges, etc. are good in keeping the body cool during summer, preventing sunstroke conditions.

Sun Stroke
Go mango green

Unripe mangoes are good in healing and also in preventing sunstroke. Make a drink with unripe mangoes boiled with adding sugar, black salt,cumin powder and black pepper. Before going out in sun take this delicious aam panna drink one glass. It is cures patient quickly.

Sun Stroke

Tamarind twist

Sun Stroke

Tamarind seeds are very helpful in curing sunstroke. Grind the seeds of tamarind with water, sugar and sieve it. If you drink this mixture it helps effectively in curing Sun Stroke.

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