Different types of cow milk
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A Desi Cow Milk and An A2 Milk

Most Indian dairies involved in commercial production of milk are known to produce processed milk from H.F and Jersey cows. However, these cows are originally a breed of Urus, a wild animal which is also known as Aurochs in Germany. It is because of its excellent quality and quantity of meat that the Europeans hunted this wild animal. Now, because hunting this animal was not an easy task, it was crossbred with different indigenous animals like cows. The genetic mutation between urus and indigenous cows gave way to modern breeds such as Holstein, Jersey, and F.S cows. The new breed also produced a higher quantity of milk which is known as A1 milk that helped dairy farmers to meet with the increasing demand for milk in the market. Therefore, although the main aim with this mutation by western countries was larger production of meat, the increase in the quantity of milk they received from the new breeds compared to the indigenous type allowed expansive use of these mutated animals in commercial milk production.

Which Cows Produce Better Milk

The most shocking part about this entire development is that till now most Europeans do not use this milk for consumption in their own countries as it is known to contain casomorphine, a poisonous chemical. Compared to this the nutritional value of the milk derived from Indian cows is much higher as it has many curative properties which can fight a host of diseases. Proline, an amino acid found in the milk of Indian cow bonds strongly with isoleucine, another amino acid. This type of milk is known as the A2 variety which is capable of fighting diseases like joint pain, asthma, obesity, and even mental problems. The Indian desi cow milk is basically the A2 milk as it is cow milk in its original and natural form. The availability of high levels of Omega 3 in A2 milk cleans the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels. Your brain power gets enhanced with cerebrosides present in A2 milk. A2 milk is also responsible for enhancing the body’s immune system and protecting it from harmful radiation due to the presence of strontium.

Choosing the Right Quality Milk

The opiate-like effects of the milk obtained from A1 milk often leads to mild to serious health complications. As opposed to this, the milk from the older indigenous breed of cows has a better type of casein. It is no wonder that the milk that is commercially available is A1 milk. Therefore, it is not suitable for people suffering from various health problems and lifestyle disorders. It is advisable for heart patients and diabetics to avoid A1 milk completely. However, as A2 milk is devoid of the harmful elements found in A1 milk, anyone who is not lactose intolerant will be able to enjoy the benefits of this milk. For people who want to avail A2 milk in India. they have to simply switch to desi cow milk. There are many companies who are working to bring nutritious A2 milk to the people. If you are looking for desi cow milk Gurgaon, Delhi, and other parts of the National Capital Region, there are many organic farms that provide original cow milk for consumption.

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