7 Foods That Can Cause Constipation



We eat a variety of foods that may or may not be healthy. But most of us usually prefer to have tasty foods rather than healthy ones. We know that neither all the tasty foods are healthy nor all healthy foods are tasty. Healthy or tasty – it all depends on the ingredients being used in the food or recipe. There are even some foods which are healthy but still cause some health issues like uneasiness, constipation, and many. But how do we know which foods are healthy and keep us in a bad situation? So, here are some of the foods listed in this category that cause constipation.

Firstly, what actually is constipation? Constipation is an uncomfortable situation that put you in trouble. This will make the bowel movements tough or irregular as they happen less often than normal. All this results because of the lack of fiber in the regular diet. Also, lack of exercise and less intake of water causes constipation.

According to nutritionists, “Taking supplements for calcium and iron can also cause constipation in some people. Therefore, always make sure that you add a lot of fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet if you’re taking these supplements to avoid constipation.”

There are some foods that cause constipation when they are consumed in excess or in wrong time. Here we go with the list of 7 of those foods.

1. Unripe bananas:

Unripe bananas

We have heard that bananas are packed with fiber and they even help in relieving from constipation. But here we are talking about unripe bananas. We can clearly know the unripe bananas by its skin or by even touching it. They are hard if they are unripe. These unripe bananas have more starch contents and make the body work harder to digest. It becomes difficult for it to move through the digestive track and as a result cause constipation.

2. Caffeine:


There are some people who can’t get through or even start a day without a tea or coffee. They think that they feel free to get into their errands with a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee or tea a day can be said enough. More than two cups per day are not good in any way. Too much caffeine causes constipation that most of the people aren’t aware of. Caffeine stimulates your colon. but too much of it may cause dehydration and leave you constipated.

3. White bread:

White bread

According to dietitians, “White bread has a high content of starch and can lead to delayed digestion. This may make your bowel movements slow and cause constipation. It’s better if you choose multi-grain or whole wheat bread if you want. Also, instead of consuming plain buttered toast, make a sandwich with fresh veggies. This will add fiber to your meal and hence keep you away from constipation.

4. Refined flours and grains:

refined flour and grains

Refined ingredients like maida, white rice, and food items made with it like cookies, pasta contain less fiber. And we already know that the intake of foods lacking in fiber contributes to constipation. These fiber less refined flours act as glue in the intestine which results in indigestion and delays the bowel movements. This doesn’t mean that you should delete these food items from your menu list. The thing is you can combine some fiber-rich food items like vegetable pulao with these refined flours and grains. This will get you out from getting caused by constipation.

5. Foods that contain gluten:

Foods that contain gluten

Constipation is the most common symptoms of gluten intolerance. Even if you are slightly averse to gluten, consuming a little food that contains gluten may cause indigestion. This will slow down the bowel movement. This will result in constipation.

6. Intake of apples at night:

should not eat apples at night

We have been hearing, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Keep in mind that eating an apple may help you stay healthy but its intake should not be at night times. Apple has a good fiber content and helps you relieve constipation when eaten in the morning. Eating too much soluble fiber at night time may keep you constipated when you don’t drink enough water after its intake. Drinking less water after such food items may leave you constipated. Apple peels contain insoluble fiber whereas the flush contains soluble fiber. So when you eat apples at night, it may result in constipation.

7. Chocolate:


Wow! Chocolate! Hearing its name itself, our mouth starts watering. Who don’t like chocolates? Actually, it’s love not like. We know that chocolates don’t contain any fiber and are high in fat. Even though, we love it. All because of its taste. But too much of anything is not good for health. Eating more chocolates can slow down the digestion and the passage of food through the colon. This will result in indigestion and then you are left constipated.

Keep in mind that the food items that make the digestion difficult cause constipation. The food items include many processed foods. They are high in sodium, fat, and sugar. So they cause constipation.

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