17 Simple Habits You Start Today


What are the simple habits or things that we can do today to help our future for ourselves in the upcoming years? One of the recent Quora thread was filled with such deep thoughts and plans, actually, it was addressing a 23-year-old physics student but it can be applicable to everyone.

Following below are the simple habits to take away:

1. Pick up an athletic hobby that you can do through the years:


Start from today, pick up an athletic activity, otherwise, you will have to lead a motionless lifestyle in college and continue the same into the office – will do terrible things to your attitude, back and guts. Your office job will try to kill you. And it’s your own business to avoid that from happening. -David Cannon

2. Write down the key points on what you did for the day:

This may sound unimportant, but it will show you a clear message about how you had spent your day. Harvard Business School research proves that the reflection at the end of the day of a 15 minutes writing can make you way more productive on the job. -Stan Hayward

3. Talk to one stranger every day:

Strangers = opportunity. Opportunities to meet a stranger, makes new friends, to get new ideas, and mainly to get out of that fear of talking to strangers, to start a business venture, and many more. They are the persons who can predict your career, happiness and health, so expand your network as much as you can. -Ashraf Sobli

4. Learn to  be a good listener:

Some people have the habit of talking about themselves, moreover they love to. So, develop your listening skills as they do that. -Charles Tips

5. Don’t Waste time:

Life is a collection of days, days of hours, hours of minutes and minutes of seconds. And every second has its own value which anyone can’t understand when wasting it. There is so many to get in a lifetime if time is utilized perfectly. -Anonymous

6. Find happiness in accomplishing your dreams:

Avoid the “delayed life plan”. Better to find a way to do what you like today, instead of “doing what you have to do” now and then “doing what you want to do” at some blurry time in the future. -Dan Lowenthal

7. Build strong friendships and be kind to people:

You’re more like your friends than what you think. Build up a friendship that would be very strong and reflect a kind attitude towards everyone. -Edina Dizdarevic

8. Spread out your experiences:

If you transform your life experiences, then your ideas will be more creative and the better you can relate to people. –Dan Lowenthal

9. Save money:


Keep aside a little bit away with each take-home pay, and continue doing it regularly, then you don’t miss it. -India L. J. Mitchell

10. Drink with old people:

They have been and lived their lives, so they can tell you their tale. -Ben Hinks

11. Start meditating:


This habit teaches your brain to be able to deal with the crazyness of each and every day. -Anonymous

12. Learn to work with shame and doubt:

As a sociologist, Brene Brown has proved that everybody experiences these emotions, but few people learn how to healthfully manage with them. -Diego Mejia

13. Go outside:

It’s not even a bit difficult to stay indoors every time. Go for hikes. Emotional psychologists have proven that a little “wilderness bathing” can be a tool against tiredness and depression. -Stephen Steinberg

14. Get to know people who are different from you:

If you’re a progressive, make friends with conservatives. If you’re part of Occupy Wall Street, befriend a banker. Get to know about a country mouse, if you’re a city mouse. Why? There are many reasons for this, one of them being that we make better decisions in diverse groups. -Judy Tyrer

15. Date everything:

If you are contacting a person, take notes during a meeting or stuffing takeout into the fridge, it is useful in some ways, which you can’t predict, to know the date of when something happened. -Dee Vining

16. Read novels:


Fiction is “cognitive and emotional simulation” novels trains you how to understand other people’s experiences of life. -Anunay Arunav

17. Set minimum goals:

Some of the simple habits to read 15 pages a day, do 20 pushups, floss one tooth and many. This way you can reduce colossal projects to day-sized tasks. -Christopher Webb