Guests are coming. Is your dining room ready to wow them? Be it an informal or formal dinner party, your dining space must be ready to bring in the A-game so that guests have a memorable experience. Also, hosting a great dinner party will surely make you the talk of the town.

Hosting a dinner party

But, dishing out delicious, hot meals and bringing out the china that you got at your wedding is not enough. With your finger-licking dishes and amazing-looking plates and cutlery, the décor of your dining space also needs to rise to the occasion. You simply cannot have a shabby-looking dining room and still expect to be applauded for being a great host.

Moreover, the dining room is the heart of your beautiful home. It is where you share meals and have lengthy conversations with your friends and family. This is why your dining room decoration must reflect your personality and match the overall theme of your home. If you are running out of inspiring decorating ideas, here are a few to get you started.

Brighten up the dining space with the right lighting options 

right lighting options

Dining room lighting is considered to be the most important lighting of a home. It would be great if you could have a wide range of lighting options to suit every mood. You can use soft lighting to create an intimate and cozy dining atmosphere. Also, you can get statement lighting fixtures from furniture dealers in Kolkata like, traditional or modern chandeliers, so that it is the focal point of the dining room.

To get the perfect dining room lighting, you need to use different lighting sources. For instance, make use of floor lamps, cascading bulbs and also play around with different shapes and sizes of candles.

You also have to make sure that the shape of your light fixture complements your dining table. For instance, you can choose to hand a rounded fixture above your round dining table or choose a linear or an oval fixture to hang above your rectangular and longer dining tables.

Don’t leave the walls bare. Decorate them.

walls bares

You should never underestimate the powerful impact that your wall décor and color can have on the overall dining room design. The walls of your dining space provide the ideal opportunity for you to make the room truly feel like an extension of your personality. You can start by adding wall art pieces that speak to you. It might be something that reminds you of your travels or something that reminds you of your childhood. You can even decorate the walls with your travel photos or beautiful family portraits.

If you want to give your dining room a touch of quirk, you can dedicate one of the walls to printed wallpaper that cuts the monotony of the entire room. You can also use a mirror on one of the walls to give the impression that the room is bigger than what it actually is. Mirrors are also known to add character to spaces. You can put lights all around the mirror to make it the focal point of the room.

Use gorgeous-looking rugs to stylize your dining space 

gorgeous-looking rugs

If you want to find an easy way to jazz up your dining space, get rugs. Rugs can be used to demarcate the dining space from the adjoining living or kitchen area. It can also be used to accentuate specific areas of the room. You can also choose to use rugs to cut through the monotony of the overall color scheme of the room. You can experiment and play with different types of patterns, prints, and colors.

Get the right dining table set to dazzle your guests 

dining table set

When it is about decorating your dining room, you cannot forget to get the right dining table set in Kolkata. Your dining room décor is going to be incomplete without the most perfect-looking dining table and chairs. The table has to be treated as the hero and you can choose to get a dining table showcasing a classic wooden style or one with a marble top. The shape and size of the table will largely depend on the size of your dining space. As for the dining chairs, you can choose to make use of a mix of fabrics, finishes, and chair styles to make them stand out. You can get upholstered chairs or throw in a few cushions to make sure that the seating arrangement is comfortable for your guests. You wouldn’t just want your guests to feel comfortable, but you would want them to be visibly impressed as they make their way to the dinner table.

Introduce indoor plants to freshen up the dining room décor 

Incorporating natural elements into the dining room can do wonders to bring about a positive spin to the overall décor of the room. You can place indoor plants and even flowers in the corners to freshen up the atmosphere. These plants can be used as centerpieces. You can even put flowers inside a vase and place them on the dining table to attract the attention of the guests. These natural elements are spruce up your dining space and create a cozy, intimate ambiance for your guests to enjoy.

indoor plants

So, these are a few dining rooms decorating ideas to get you inspired. You can also visit a luxury furniture showroom in Kolkata to get an idea of the latest furniture styles, lighting fixtures, and wall décor designs. This should provide you with great ideas to decorate your dining space and get it ready for your guests.

When you’re decorating your dining room, always take into account the size and shape of the room. Also, think about your own likes and dislikes, and personality.


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