Learn to code in 2018, get hired, and have fun along the way


How to Code


The path of learning how to code is not an easy road. You will fall and pick yourself up many times. If you don’t have the spirit to keep going, you will give it up and focus on something easier. It isn’t impossible to learn coding though. As long as you have the confidence and patience to keep going when you are down, you are doing well. It is easy to conclude that no field needs perseverance more than coding does. Whether you are a Computer Science student or a self-learner, these tips will help you along your journey to learning coding;

Learn on the go

You can start a project to be your practical learning point as you go along the theoretical framework. Don’t wait until you are done with the theory before you start putting the knowledge into practice. Practicing will get you to the perfection you desire. You learn faster by putting what you are learning into practice. If you wait till you are done learning, you will have to start over again because you will have forgotten the starting point.

Be a hands-on learner

Coding by hand, even though it consumes a lot of time, enhances your proficiency in a way working on a computer can’t. It instills intent, caution and precision with every line as you can’t test your work midway. It is better to be old school and end up being an exceptional coder.

Don’t ignore the basics

It is always easier to dismiss basic concepts in any subject as being meant for dummies. When it comes to coding, don’t try that. The basics are the most important part of the learning, especially if you are using online tutorials. Everything builds up and you won’t understand the advanced concepts if you never understood the basics. It doesn’t hurt to be a beginner- even the people you look up to were beginners at some point.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help

You learn faster when you share ideas and receive criticism on your work. Coding is a journey you can’t walk alone. Everyone needs a helping hand. If you are not surrounded by people who can be of help, a lot of useful resources are available online. You can find some material on Byte-Notes.Com. You can also share your problem on coding forums. Learn to only ask for help when you are absolutely sure you can’t crack something. Otherwise you might come across as lazy and unmotivated.

Toy around with the sample code

A sample code is just that- a sample code. There are no consequences of messing it up. Don’t be afraid to play around with it. You won’t understand how it works just by reading. Write it and run it and see how fast you will understand it. When nothing seems to work, instead of brewing another cup of coffee, consider taking a breather. Maybe your mind needs to clear a bit. Take a walk or engage in some leisure activity before resuming. Breaks improve productivity.

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