Are you planning to hit the road this festive season with your newborn in tow? If you plan ahead, then traveling with a baby can be done with little stress.

Less Stressful Traveling with Kids

Whether you’re hitting the road or taking to the skies, potential potholes in traveling with kids could mean having to deal with a stressful journey rather than creating cherished holiday memories. Here are the top 5 simple tips to make family travel less stressful:

Tips for Traveling with Kids

  1. For Pain-Free Flying, Make Kid-Friendly Flight Plans

    Long flights with kids can be so dread-inducing. The delays, cancellations, and lost luggage can either start or end your family vacation on the wrong foot. A happy, stress-free flight with kids is determined by how you plan your travel.

    We recommend that you check-in early and schedule long layovers to allow your kids to stretch their legs and clear up bottled-up energy.

    Consider early morning flights because they tend to have fewer delays and are less crowded. Early check-ins will also prevent any worry of running late and give a chance to prepare your kid and relax before the flight.

  1. Plan Ahead

    Make sure to pack everything you need and be ready to go with a written list of everything you need to do before traveling. When traveling with kids, you have to make sure you pack enough snacks in your carry-on for survival.

    Avoid planning to get stuff at the airport because so many things could happen and make you run late or run out of time or worst-case scenario, and you might not even find anything your kids like eating. It would be best if you also kept your toiletries pre-packed both in the check bags and carry-on bags.

  1. Only Bring What is Necessary and Don’t Overload Your Itinerary

    When traveling with kids, you will find that there are enough necessary things to bring without, including the unnecessary ones. We advise that anything you have to bring for your child should be able to fit in the backpack.

    When on vacation, we are tempted to want to see it all, and sometimes we end overloading our itineraries, winding up with vacation fatigue. When on vacation, everything tends to take longer than you plan; hence you need to give yourself plenty of time in between activities.

    Make sure also to reserve some time for cooldowns and bathroom breaks and plan a schedule for your baby’s internal clock. To reduce jet lag for both you and the baby, take it easy, and schedule a significant time for adjustment.

    We also recommend that you leave room for a stroller, preferably one that attaches to your kid’s car seat because you would have to do a lot of walking or shopping when you arrive at your destination. These accessories allow for less stressful traveling.

  1. Carry Entertainment

    During travels, there is a likelihood of having to do some waiting. Late cabs, buses, long lines, and delayed flights can turn a happy kid into an impatient one. Hence, you need to carry some games and other forms of entertainment.

    There are “everywhere items” that every kid has; it could be a favorite toy or blanket. Such items are must-pack essentials. Leaving home without them could result in undue stress. Games that don’t need any materials are best for long waits.

    Preload your iPad with your child’s favorite movies when you have to take long overseas flights and remember to charge the device before leaving the airport.

  1. Keep Calm

    The biggest stress-free tip when traveling with kids is to remember to stay calm. Delays happen. Stuff happens. Skipped naps and junk food happens. Lines happen.

    It would help if you remembered that lots of things could happen, but only for a day or two while on vacation. Hence, remain flexible and keep a positive attitude; this will help your baby do the same.

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