Regular exercise lays the foundation of a healthy body and mind. Regular exercise makes an individual fit, increases body stamina, increases flexibility, and also helps in preventing various diseases. This makes exercise important for everyone, irrespective of age. Many individuals feel that kids and elderly people don’t need to do exercise. There are others you think that exercise is for those who want to reduce weight or want to make the perfect body. It’s not at all true.

Regular exercise plays an essential role in the growth and development of our overall personality. It plays a different role at different stages of life. has lots of information on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Some of the benefits of exercise with respect to the life stages are discussed in this article.

Benefits for Children:

Exercise benefits for kids

Today, children prefer spending time on electronic gadgets over getting involved in some outdoor activities. This lack of physical activity results in obesity, stiff body, and weak bones in kids. Exercise increases endurance, flexibility, and strength in kids. Kids should exercise for at least 1 hour a day. This exercise can be in the form of an outdoor game, swimming, running, skipping, etc.

Exercise benefits for kids

  • Helps to Build Strong Bone

    Workout results in muscle growth and makes them stronger.  While exercising muscles continuously keep pushing and tugging against bones. This results in forming new bone cells hence increasing bone mass. Stronger bones at an early stage of life reduce chances of bone-related problems in later stages. Weight-bearing exercises like running, skipping, dancing, walking, climbing stairs makes bones stronger as in these weight of the body is carried by legs.

  • Improves Self Esteem

    Regular workout boosts the kid’s confidence. Regular exercise keeps children fit and active. It also increases their stamina. Active kids feel more confident. Exercise also helps in reducing stress and anxiety among kids. Kids with a smile on their faces look more confident than those living under stress. Moreover, taking part in group exercises (team games) teaches a kid to be social and allow them to make new friends.

  • Helps to Get Better Sleep.

    Quality sleep is essential for our body and brain. Children doing regular exercise enjoy better and longer sleep. Good sleep in night refreshes our body and brain. Quality and peaceful sleep results in a good mood and a better memory.

  1. Benefits for Young Peoples:

    Every one of us is well aware of the benefits of fitness. But, how many of us try to get out of the comfort of our house and engage ourselves in any physical activity. However, out of all the age groups, young people are found to be most interested in exercise though the reason can vary from individual to individual. It varies from reducing weight to build muscles, boosting cardiovascular health as a mode of reducing stress.

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    In our busy and stressful world, a simple regular walk acts as a breath of fresh air. Regular exercise at a young age prepares you to have better health conditions during old age. 

Exercise benefits for adults

Exercise benefits for elderly people and Adults

  • Reduces the Risk of Cancer

    Cancer is a dreadful disease which has become quite common nowadays. Many studies have proved, regular exercise reduces the risk of various types of cancers. This includes breast cancer, endometrial, colon related cancer, and lung cancer. Women who are involved in some or other kind of regular physical activities tend to have lower chances of breast cancer than those who are not that active.

    Regular exercise regulates insulin regulation, hormone balancing in body, and energy balance. It also reduces the exposure of colon to potential carcinogens. Hence, reducing the chances of colon cancer.

  • Have a Lower Blood Cholesterol Level

    Regular exercise has been found very effective in lowering blood cholesterol level. Generally, obesity and high cholesterol level go hand in hand. Exercise helps in reducing weight, which further result in lowering bad cholesterol from our body. Regular exercise stimulates the movement of LDL from blood to the liver by stimulating enzymes which are responsible for this function. In the liver, LDL gets digested and is removed from the body.

  • Prevent heart diseases and stroke

    Regular exercise increases the level of good cholesterol in the body, strengthens heart muscles, and also increases blood flow to the heart. This improves the functioning of the heart, making our heart healthier and stronger.

  • Boost the Immune System

    Exercise keeps our body active.  The energized and active body would be a better position to fight against germs and bacteria which are harmful to our body. Moreover, regular exercise increases the production of cells (macrophages), which are responsible for fighting against bacteria. Hence, keeping our body safe from various diseases.

  1. Benefits for Elderly Peoples:

    Growing age does affect our body and brain. Regular exercise is important for physical and mental health. Regular exercise increases longevity. It not only help elderly people to live a long life but also enables them to live an independent and healthy life.

Exercise benefits for elderly people

  • Reduce the Risk of Dementia.

    Regular exercise increases the brain functions and helps in controlling and preventing various brain disorders, including dementia and memory loss.

  • Enhance Flexibility

    With growing, the risk of falls also increases. In old age, recovery takes a lot of time. This creates hindrance in living a healthy and active life. Regular exercise increases flexibility and strength. This further improves balance and coordination. Hence reducing the chance of falls.

  • Boosts Mood and Self-confidence

    Exercise is known as one of the best ways of relieving stress and anxiety. Exercise brings calmness. Exercise enhances the production of endorphins, also known as “Happy Hormones.” These are responsible for the feeling of happiness and reduces negative emotions like sadness, depression, etc. Good mood and active body increase the self-confidence.


Exercise plays a vital role in the overall development of our body. This holds true for all the stages of life. It is also essential to know about do’s and don’ts related to exercise. For example, kids should avoid doing weight lifting exercises as their bones are still in the growing phase, and lifting weight create hindrance in their growth.  It is advisable to contact a professional and take guidance. This way, you will attain your health goals, that too within safe limits.

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