Makeup Improves Health


Wes Alles, Ph.D., director of the Stanford Health Improvement program at Stanford University says, “Results of using Makeup prove again and again that the most powerful tools we have to improve health are prevention. Yet we have trouble convincing people to make those healthy changes.

Most of us follow makeup routines to improve our overall appearances. If you have a normal skin type, some makeup routine can cause major negative effects apart from smudges that occur when applying in the morning. Makeup improves your beauty and this leads you to be confident. If you are using a good quality makeup treatment with moisturizer, it also improves your health of your skin and body. According to Karen Hammerman, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist at Vanguard Dermatology in New York City, a good quality makeup can replenish your skin while helping to cover up blemishes”.

Below are the ways by which makeup can improve your health.

1. Moisturize the Skin :

Makeup products contain natural ingredients that are helpful in moisturizing the skin to fight dryness caused by physical and biological factors. And this is scientifically proven too. By keeping your skin moisturized, makeup helps in preventing and treating common problems like acne, blemishes and age spots.

2. Improves Confidence :

With an enhancement in style and beauty from the use of makeup, you feel more confident with the absence of imperfections on your face. Some people can hardly spend a day without applying it. This is because they feel and look their best after putting on the makeup. As a result, they are more attentive and find it easier to concentrate on their tasks. So, use of the best skin brightening creams like Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream can help boost your confidence and productivity at work and also you can interact at ease with your workmates.

3. Prevent Sun Damage :

Exposure to harmful UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun contributes significantly to various health problems which include cancer. Most of these products available in the market come with sunscreen protection. Makeup offers protection to your skin. It also shields your internal organs against damages that originate from skin’s exposure to sunlight. Also, it adds a layer of your skin, which prevents pathogens and toxic compounds from entering your body.

4. Nourishes Your Skin and Body :

Due to some lifestyle behaviors and characters, your skin and body may get depleted of certain essential minerals and nutrients that are in low supply from your regular diet. The cosmetic industry has taken an additional responsibility to ensure that some of the helpful ingredients are included in cosmetic products so that they can directly get absorbed through your skin. For instance, most good quality of moisturizing products contains vitamins C and E, which pass into your body through the skin.

5. Increases Longevity :

Engaging in activities that give you an opportunity to take care of your personal beauty and style needs can help you live a long life. Spending time in personal care comes with short and long-term health benefits. This is an excellent lifestyle news to people who are lipsticks and facemasks lovers. According to Dr. Vivian Diller, a practicing psychologist in New York City, Makeup routines raise mood to make you behave and think differently.

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