Trello Tips And Tricks


Trello is a tool that is very helpful and you can stay on track of your work and get things done. It is the number 1 Go-To tool for anyone for all their planning. While it is relatively user-friendly, there are some helpful Trello tips and tricks that you might not have heard of! Here are just a few useful functions that can be used in Trello.



Adding a Checklist to a card will allow users to see what needs to be done in order to complete a particular task. We can even use multiple checklists on a single card. This helps when you have a task that has repetitive features as well as task-specific features.

For instance, I have a style-guide that I use for each blog post. So a Style-Guide Checklist can be used for every blog article card. Once a list is created, just copy this checklist over to another card and keep using it.

If you have a checklist specific to the actual post, then drop your research in to a Research Checklist and check off each item. When all the Research items are checked, the post is done from a writing stand point. When all the Style Guide Checklist items are done, then your post is done from a formatting stand point. Now it’s ready to be published.

Adding Members to Boards and Cards :


Want to collaborate with a new person on a task? Yes! you can add them to the board for that task. So you can both stay up to speed on the project progress. They will get a notification every time you mention them in a comment or whenever you update a card.

This feature can be used with a Virtual Assistant (VA) every time. This is means between us to communicate on all the various projects we are going on. The VA gets a notification whenever I update a card. When he/she clicks on the link in the email notification, she goes directly to the board which we are discussing now.

All of our comments are stored in the card we are discussing. This is a huge time saver and it keeps both of us on the same page. We always have the history of the conversations and can go back and forth on any topic easily.

Labels :


Trello allows you to make labels for cards to keep track of the status of that activity. There is a possibility to mark things with a “done” label. It’s a huge reward for anyone to look at a project and see all the green “done” labels on the screen.

Additionally, labels help you to filter the tasks which allows you to focus on certain topics. For instance, with a personal bucket list board, you can filter by those list items that are based on your family by filtering on the Family label. When I do that, I can see all the items I want to get my family excited about doing and then pick one to tackle next.

When you see all the tasks at once, it can be overpowering. So label filtering helps with your sanity too. With this, you can decide what your focus will be for a week, filter your board, and then tackle just those items that are showing.

Generally, this strategy can be used for a business planning board. Even if you have a lot to accomplish, it’s easy to feel like you can never do it all. By filtering, the board can be kept manageable. I only see a few immediate tasks and I can work to get the green “done” label on each one before moving on to the next tasks.

This is only a few tricks you can do with Trello. There are a ton of extensions and fun things that can be used in conjunction with the app to help you get more done.

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