What started as a simple Android app for smartphone users to share photos is now a global phenomenon. Instagram now not only has more than one billion users but also 25 million businesses trying to engage their target audiences with photos, videos, memes, and features like Stories and Instagram Live. While all kinds of businesses can benefit from Instagram, those engaged in lifestyle and fashion are better poised to take advantage of Instagram’s visual orientation.

Fitness Professionals Can Use Instagram to Market Their Businesses

Accordingly, the health and fitness industry has recognized the potential of Instagram for increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. A few handy tips for fitness businesses for using Instagram profitably:

Fill Out Your Instagram Profile Completely

Since potential customers can get to know all the details from your Instagram profile, you must populate it with all relevant information like your business category, street address, website URL, email, and phone number. Keep in mind that your Instagram account name is searchable, so you should make sure that you identify your niche so that it is easier for people to find you when they are searching for content in the fitness and health niche. Customizing your Instagram account name to incorporate both your business name and niche is the best option. Keep in mind that the bio section has a restriction of 30 characters, so make the description of what you do crisp and informative, and don’t forget to include a photo of yourself so that your target audience can relate to you better.

Post High-Quality Content

If there is one thing that Instagram users always look out for, it is outstanding images and videos. With so much competition for eyeballs on the typical feeds of users, only brilliant photos and videos have any chance of being seen, engaged with, and shared. If your account features uninteresting photos or photos that are poorly composed, blurry, and with no apparent thematic consistency, people are going to have a hard time figuring out whom you are. The more outstanding your images are in terms of resolution, backgrounds, lighting, and composition, the better the chance of their being spotted by your audience. While using carousel posts on Instagram can be a good way of engaging with the audience, you should remember that the images will get compressed and may look unimpressive, so it is best to stick to light colors and use a dimension of 1080 x 1350 pixels. To give your fitness account on Instagram a head start, you can buy Instagram comments that are easily available from social media marketing agencies for a pittance.

Standardize the Aesthetics of Your Account

Every industry or business sector has a certain sense of aesthetics that people associate it with. You can find out the aesthetics of the leading Instagram fitness accounts from which you can draw inspiration for your account theme. It is important to post visually consistent images, have an identified color scheme, and be consistent with what you post on other engagement channels. Design a logo that is not only smart and vibrant but also representative of your business sector. You must also standardize the typefaces and fonts you use in your photo posts and Stories so that overall your brand aesthetics shine through and act to reinforce memorability.

Post Before and After Photos

In the fitness industry, looking good and healthy is a prime motivating factor for the target audience. Many join a fitness program to lose weight or build muscles. Since potential customers always look for proof of your credibility and program efficacy, it can be a good idea to post before and after pictures of customers who have been able to meet their fitness goals. Of course, you must make it a point to take the permission of your clients before posting the photos on Instagram. Placing the before and after photos on the carousel feature of Instagram can be particularly effective. Not only are these images easier for your followers to swipe through but also they get more prominence because Instagram displays them more frequently in the feeds of followers than standalone images. Including a client testimonial in a carousel post, now and then, can be a good idea to reinforce your reputation and to encourage your audience to engage with you.


You don’t need to flood the feeds of your followers on Instagram to boost your engagement rate. Rather, too many posts may well turn off many of them. You should, instead, attempt to post selectively but consistently. You must make sure that the content you post is not only of very high quality but also original and relevant to the needs and wants of the target audience. Typically, by posting a mix of content that is entertaining, inspirational, and educational, you will be able to boost your following and engagement levels more effectively. Make use of hashtags strategically to boost the discoverability of your posts and also make sure that you post at the times when your audience is most active.


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