How to Clean Your Windows 10 PC Without Using Ccleaner

Clean Your Windows 10Ccleaner is the app that allows you to clean out temporary files by program, and gives advanced features for power users. And it beat in the PC cleaning department. For those that like to go above the basic cleaning with the Windows Disk Cleanup tool and also Clean your Windows 10 PC.

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Though, we always have alternatives to CCleaner, in that atomicCleaner is one app which you might try out. This app will clean your scrap in the areas of browsers, games, old system files, and programs from your computer. It’s an easy tool to take advantage of cleaning our systems. Lets you see what type of needs it takes to clean at a glance.

Keep in mind that overzealous cleaning can break Windows, so don’t keep on clean daily. You can monthly clean your scrap from your computer but this also doesn’t need to do obviously. And also keep in mind don’t clean your register values. Registry cleaning is useless at best and damaging at worst, so just delete temporary files in all programs from your computer.

Time will tell if atommiccleaner will deracinate CCleaner, but now, it’s a good alternative if you find CCleaner too difficult or don’t want to use its additional features. Go to another app which you’d like to use!

This is all about how to Clean Your Windows 10 PC.

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