Best Cheap Drones

Drone users that are new will expectedly look for drones that meet the following features:

  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Presence of parts that are easy to find in the market.

There are some great drones for beginners with the best cheap prices. But before you are to purchase a drone, there are some rules you will have to follow. In order to ensure you are flying safely and legally.  The first is to look out for the trees if you are flying in a location where trees are present, so as not to damage the drone beyond repair. You should fly below 400ft.  Also, there is a law you will break if you fly a drone over someone’s home or property it is considered a breach of privacy. A drone should be flown 150m away from an individual and their property.

Here 5 of the cheapest yet effective drones in the 2018 market with their various  description:


PARROT MAMBO QUADCOPTER MINI-DRONEThis is a durable mini-quad drone which weighs 64g. it is quite easy to fly due to the system incorporated into the drone which stabilizes it. It is also a zippy drone with awesome features. It does more than just providing aerial footage, the design of the drone should make it the number one drone to play around with. It has a canon accessory which fires up to 6 pellets at a target, this feature makes the drone seem like a military drone. There is also a detachable claw that can grab objects of 4g and this is suitable for indoor use. The manufacturer’s parrot enables the user to control the drone with the use of an app, which involves operating the drone with the use of a virtual joystick or by tilting your phone for direction.


    this gadget is recommended if your hobby is taking great pictures and footage due to its HD camera which gives quality imagery. This is an aerial photography type drone which has a weight of 699g. It can be flown both indoors and outdoors. The only problem with this drone is its difficulty to fly with strong winds flowing. The Okpow wide-angle selfie drone is at a reasonable price with the promise of quality imagery and video of 720p. This drone is quite simple to fly which is perfect for a first-time drone.

    Reviews of this device have shown great appreciation for its stability in the with an advanced barometer maintaining its flight altitude. You can connect your phone to the controller in order to get the live feed from the camera during it’s flight time.



Parrot swing quad-copter is a stunt drone that happens to have two more flight modes. Which are the boost mode-that increase the speed of the drone for a period of time? And the app software interface that enables your drone to be controlled via mobile phone. The mini-quadcopter weighs 73g. The bad feature is the absence of picture and video capabilities.

There are the presences of a landing button, which is a fail-safe for when the drone heads towards a tree. Unfortunately the drone only last 7 minutes in the air due to the battery type and it can’t withstand windy weathers.


    Drones of this kind are robust, they are designed to take a few knocks while landing. Which is a great drone recommended for a beginner? The fun stunts that can be performed by the wizard x220 freestyling quad-copter. It weighs 484g. The best feature of this drone is the protective motor barrier and the fact that it can be flown in FPV (First Person View). There are also LED lights located at each end of the drone, in order to increase visibility during the night.


    It is best for those who ate just learning FPV. It is quite heavy, it weighs 354g. The drone controls are easy to use. The reason that recommends this drone is its ability to record real-time view. The tech used for the drone id basic and boring. The name Hubsan FPV shoes they the drone supports First Person View.

    The presence of the 6-axis Flight control system ensures the stability of the drone when in flight. This drone is ready to fly once taken out of the box, and it can only last up to 10minutes in the air due to the battery type.

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