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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Headset is pretty simple one. The idea of virtual reality is just to replace your reality with some new virtual computer generated environment. It could be some game or some of Environment you walk around or some video that’s playing all around you and you look around. The idea is to trick your brain into thinking that you’re in new reality. So they are started with the Air Force actually as part of their flight training program and it’s flight sim. Now obviously that is much easier and cheaper to have new pilots practicing stuff like fighting maneuvers and shooting things and ejecting and crashing all without shooting and ejecting and crashing actual million dollar planes. So that’s where the VR makes perfect sense.

Know the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Now and 2015 companies are making these personal experiences that you can just buy and use for your own entertainment or you have to do is just put it on your faceSo they do this by taking over your site. So just like we use headphones to completely take over a sense of sound this headset totally takes over your vision inside this one who cardboard is a pair of lenses and a place to hold your smartphone which becomes your screen and your VR engine.

Virtual Reality Internal

There are actually two kinds of VR headsets. One is theextra  accessory that you plug your smartphone into that becomes the screen. So something like Google cardboard or Samsung’s Gear VR and then type two is the stand alone unit that does everything it has a gyroscope and the screen and everything built in so that would be something like Oculus Rift RH. he sees via both types of course have these lenses that help your eyes focus on stereoscopic image that’s right up against your face which isn’t great for your eyes by the way. But whatever and they all have this gyroscope and accelerometer that help track your head movement and that iss what helps put you in your own little world so I got to.

Virtual Reality HTC

closer look at one of the second type at Mobile World Congress this year the new HTC 5 and this is something people are getting really pumped about it’s a prototype for now. The final version might not look exactly like this but it’s an entirely self-contained the VR headset that you can just pick up and put on your face and be immersed. Of course it’s a little more complicated than but you have all these little dots around it for sensors so you actually need to set up a little sensors around you to track your head in 3D space. I think this rift also has some similar looking sensors for the same reason it’s tracking your head so on one hand. It’s awesome for immersion the more accurate the sensors can be the more closely it will mirror your head movements so since you’re in 3D space. You can literally move your head forward and peek around the corner which is pretty awesome. But on the downside that there’s require having a little bit more space to actually set up your view experience which sounds kind of like a pain and also the think people forget is you also need a set of cables to connect this very headset to computers.

Ports in HTC VR

So plenty of  people to demos without plugging it in but you’re not exactly untethered when you’re really using you know the first type of your headset that uses your phone as theVR engine and the screen is actually a little bit more simple if your phone are ready has a gyroscope and an accelerometer built in so all of your movements around that 3Dworld will come from that but these don’t have the advantage of sculpting the optimal our experience I mean it’s kind of like an accessory and it’s a little bit weird to like. Clip your smartphone in to some crazy basically oversize case and then strap it on your head but the experience can often be almost as good as one of the best headsets at least two of the our new Blakeney. But look at making a VR headset  now at least a good one is really tough job. There are so many things you have to consider the pixels per inch of the display since it’s right up against your face and it’s magnified and then there’s the field of view since you want it to be as 3D as possible and the pixels per degree since everything is magnified and so close your face. There is good hope.

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Though I’ve never seen an industry go so fast from zero lik ealmost nothing to five or six major players so fast. You’ve got IQ’s rift you have Samsung Gear VR you have Google cardboards now for a year. Each DC vive is on its ways coming. So any Project Morpheus is also coming out. Actually even say that Microsoft how lens although that headset from Microsoft that everyone’s talking about the experience of is not the virtual reality. That’s actually augmented reality.

Google Glass

So Virtual Reality an augmented reality or two slightly different things so to clarify virtual reality isreplacing your entire reality so you’re immersed in this new world with nothing left from the real world augment to reality is just that it’s Ugh minting your reality a little bitIt’s adding some things and combining it with the real world and oftentimes that will be in the form of an overlay or seeing something on top of a real world object. Google Glass also does the same thing. So you can have useful information sort of in the corner of your vision not totally virtual reality but some neat augments of reality tricks but what really separates VR and what makes it so impressive. Is the immersion factor the fact that you’re totally in this world. So just like with headphones on.

VR View

When you can’t really hear anything else other than the music or listening to. With a VR headset you’re essentially blindfolded and put into this entire new world with whatever the artist makes. Virtual reality content will take off when there is a lot of virtual reality stuff to look at like 3D TV would have only made it if people everywhere started making 3D videos. Now obviously that didn’t happen and there’s a risk that virtual reality might not ever happen to because of that but I think there’s at least something special here that 3D TV might not have had I think the first time someone sees a  3DTV that works really well the reaction might be Wow. But the firsttime someone sees like IKEA was riffed or gets a really good virtual reality demo. They’re like wow. This is impressive. And that’s what makes it so cool. So yeah. The next time you’re considering whether or not a virtual reality will become a thing or not think about what would you do with it. 

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