Now-a-days internet has became a major use for all the people. People in all age group use internet in their day to day life. Like a coin, internet is also having two sides. One side is for good things and the other side is for bad things. The bad things are highly dangerous to children and adults. For preventing the children from seeing the unwanted websites, you can block such kind of websites. Here are the steps which show how to block  website.


Here are the steps which shows how to block certain websites,

  • The user can block the web sites by opening DNS blocks. The following are the step which tells what changes should be made in DNS blocks to block harmful sites and other web sites.
  • Click on “open network and sharing centre” from the task bar or select it from the control panel.


  • The network window will appear on the screen. In that screen click on adapter setting and select the user’s active network connection device.

Right click on active window connection and select properties option.


  • Then select Internet protocol version 4 in the window and then select properties.


  • Now the user should manually change the option from “ obtain DNS server address automatically” to “use the following DNS server addresses”.
  • Then the user should enter the DNS server address”” and “”.
  •   Now save the settings that you have done. And reconnect to internet.
  • Now the user can open any harmful or unwanted websites from your browser to check whether it is blocking the web site or not.


  • If you want to block some specific websites on your computer, then you should make the following changes in your system.
  • Open “hosts” with notepad , which is located in “c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\” this folder. The user should open this file only with administrative privileges.
  • Now the host file with notepad will be opened. In the note pad go to the last line and specify the websites which you want to block.
  • The websites which you want to block should be in the following format.

  • Save the changes that you made.
  • Now reconnect to internet and try to open the specified blocked website. An error reporting as ”unable to connect” will be displayed.

These are the ways for blocking websites.