Best Wireless Earphones for Running

 I’ll be honest I find Bluetooth headphones a little annoying sometimes for the obvious reasons. You have to charge them and take the time to pair them and all that but the one thing the Bluetooth headphones are really great for does work out to give you the freedom to move around the gym. However, you want to and you can just stuff your phone in a pocket and forget about it while you’re out running and so for this.
Best Bluetooth Headphones for Workout
Now there are a lot of good headphones out there now. So how do you even begin to choose which pair it is right for you I’ll say this it’s not necessarily about the purists or absolute best audio quality get when it comes to sports headphones. These are going to get beat up. They’re going to be tossed in a gym bag of sweat on them so really what it comes down to is of course how well they fed can they hold a charge and OK sound after using more than a dozen different pairs of the head.
I’ve come up with two pairs that I think stand out my number one pick for the sports headphones are Jlabs epic 2 sport wireless but Jlabs has made all the right moves with a pair of headphones from fit to sound to battery life to waterproofing.
Jlab Wireless Earphone
These are sturdy but light with an adjustable cable and they come with 8 different pairs of bud type so they should fit a variety of ears. You have to do a little bit of adjustment because they go over the ears and then you have to twist them in. But once they’re in there and they sound great. They offer deep bass with crisp clear. My only complaint would be that sometimes they sounded a little bit bright so I’d end up turning the volume down. Like a lot of other Bluetooth Headphones, they pair with both iPhone and Android smartphones and they have a standard three Buy in remote and Mike attached to the cable. They have a ridiculously long 12hours battery life and they also come with an IPX5 waterproof rating. Now does this mean that you should go swimming with them? No, but I’ve been sweating and then have spilled water on them from mine. Water bottle and the tapped and they’re still fine. These are perfect though the plastic ear buds themselves are actually pretty big. And while I was able to find a comfortable fit eventually the sure size of those might be an annoyance to some people.
Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones
Now if you want to spend a little less money a close second or Plantronics Backbeat fit Bluetooth headphones are really sold me on these was comfort and convenience. They just felt super comfortable to me they go over the ear like the Jlabs for a more secure fit and this cables pretty thick but the best part about it is when you throw it in the bag it doesn’t tangle the sound quality of these is pretty good. It’s not super bass heavy but there’s enough for beat driven workout songs. Also, the earbuds are designed to let some noise into the ear canal which some people prefer when they’re exercising outdoors. And as an added bonus, the back seat fit come with a neoprene armband for your smartphone. So why aren’t these my topic? Well, the main reason is that the remote control technology is built into the earbuds themselves. It’s not a little remote that comes with the cable and theory having interactive ear buds is not a bad idea but in this case of the Plantronics there’s a learning curve and also kind of sensitive so every time I went to go at just the ear buds in my ears. I would end up accidentally skipping or pausing a song I just kept wishing that it had a simple three button Remote on a cable like the Jlabs.
Adjustable buttons
There are a lot of other Bluetooth headphones to choose from and like I said this is going to come down to personal sound and fit preferences for you. But there are some other things to consider that might be deal breakers first do you really want to spend one hundred fifty to two hundred dollars on a pair of headphones that are basically going to get beat up. That’s kind of how I feel about the Beats power beats two wireless headphones or the brand new Jaybird freedom sports headphones are both really nice and offer good sound but that’s a lot of money to spend on sports headphones.
Plantronics Backbeat fit Bluetooth headphones
Plantronics Backbeat fit Bluetooth headphones
You’ll also want to determine whether you can deal with the neck buds while you’re working out like the kind of reflect responsibly truths. For headphones, some people find these really comfortable. I find them to be a little bit annoying especially when I’m running. There are also some sports headphones that require you to use a mobile app to experience the full benefit of the headphones like jabber sports case or sports coat.
But personally blasting I want is to have to download another tidbit about whether or not you want six hours of battery life or twelve a flexible cable or an unbending one interactive ear buds or a three but one mo noise isolating but your ambient noise and of course how well they actually fit you is really going to come down to you but you can’t go wrong with a loud epic two wireless for your buds.