Gmail App for Android

Gmail App

The Gmail app for Android is almost getting more comprehensive.

Google has started servicing to update an app, which maintains Microsoft Exchange accounts, so your work and personal messages can live combined. If you set an email address in Gmail app for Android, you will find a new option to put an Exchange account next to existing options for, Yahoo, Google, and so on. From there, you can sign with your Exchange ID, set your account and there you have it.

“All your mail in one place,” the Web monster posted to its Gmail Twitter account.

The update comes when we refresh our last week Gmail app inbox with more updated events feature, “glanceable” newsletters, and it is a simple method to save links in an attempt to help you “ feel more in control” of your ever increasing inbox.

Temporarily, Google has started servicing for a useful change for Drive on the Web. If you use Chrome you will get a notification in your browser from Drive when someone shares the file with you, or when the request access. To allow this feature, start over to your Drive settings, select Notifications, and choose the option to get notifications on the Web. You can also choose to get Drive notifications on your email or mobile device.

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