It has become a habit of people to drink bottled water as they think it’s safer and cleaner than other options like tap water and also bottled water is easily available in almost every store.

In India and other parts of the world, the consumption of this has increased so much even though people are aware that most bottled water is just tap water and the plastic bottle never gets recycled leading to environmental pollution. suggests many eco-friendly ways to get the perfect pH level of water.

5 Scary reasons people need to avoid drinking bottled water

Still, the consumption has not stopped because of the reasons like easy availability and better taste and the illusion that the plastic now used is not harming the environment.

But the truth is so much worse, Bottled water unless coming from sprinklers is not very safe and the bottles are harmful.

Still, if these reasons are not enough, let’s check 5 scary reasons people need to avoid drinking bottled water:

  1. Unknown source of water

The first most reason to avoid Bottled water is that most of the time the source of water is not known. Most suppliers’ claims that it has come from groundwater may not be true.  There are many cleanliness standards that are not followed by these suppliers, and hence the water may be even more harmful and unhygienic leading to many water-borne diseases.

Mostly its tap water which is not even filtered properly in comparison to the filtered tap water we get from the government.

Don’t get fooled by images if the source and cleanliness procedure is unknown or not written on the bottles you buy.

  1. More chemicals and toxins in Bottled water

The term pure is just an illusion when it comes to Bottled water, as we can’t be sure if it was treated properly or not. Some governments in other parts of the country have made it public that this water may be containing E. coli. The other toxins that have been found after observing a sample from this are phthalates, contained mold, microbes, benzene, trihalomethanes, and even arsenic. Some may even have pharmaceuticals and their byproducts and nicotine.

Even the bottles made of plastic that have BPA in high content can harm the people leading to hormonal imbalance and birth defects and infertility in women. These are some of the worst side-effects of bottled water.

  1. Too costly

Bottled water is 300 times more expensive than regular tap water. Even manufacturing the plastic bottle is costly which has to be paid ultimately by the consumer. This burns a hole in their pocket while filtered tap water is more cost-efficient.

  1. Overflow of plastic bottle leading to environment degradation

80% of plastic bottles never get recycled as it’s very hard to recycle them and are dumped in the garbage. This leads to overflow of plastic waste that slowly but surely harms our environment.  700 years is the time it takes to recycle, surely you can think the amount of harm we are doing to our nature. These bottles usually find a home in the ocean and other water sources threatening marine life, and eventually the whole ecosystem.

  1. Bottled water takes up a lot of energy and water

The whole process of producing, transporting and disposing off these plastic water bottles takes up a lot of energy. Over 17 million of oil barrels are used to meet the demands of people, this much oil can be used for other things.

Plastic also requires water to to produce, meaning that every plastic water bottle uses more water than it can hold leading to too much wastage of water.

How to change to tap water with water filter pitchers?

Tap water is going to be a big change for you but they are safer and hygienic and can be purified even more by installing water filter pitcher at homes than cleans the water even more and adds minerals before we drink it. The best water filter pitchers available in India are:

  • Kent alkaline water filter
  • Prestige water purifier stainless
  • Eureka Forbes- Dr. aquaguard

These water filters uses Ultraviolet rays to purify municipal water in three stages and ensures that no chemical is used and minerals required by the body is retained.

For hard water, the filters use reverse osmosis technology that helps brings down the excessive minerals to a number that a body can handle. Buying a right water filter pitcher is also necessary in order to get the right results. So first analyze, and then only buy the right one.

In conclusion, I would like to say that tap water is much cleaner, safer and hygienic and good for the environment than bottled water.

Author bio: Prince Kapoor is seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out at

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