What is Dental Implant Treatment?

Oral health is essential to maintain good health. A dental implant is an effective treatment doctor often recommend to a patient with a missing tooth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is implanted into the jaw and mouth. Dental implants provide a natural look with proper functionality. Dental implants are authentic and healthy. So, it does not affect your natural teeth and gum. Smiling with a missing tooth is fastidious, but with dental implants, you can preserve your dazzling smile. Your artificial tooth maintains the overall structure of your mouth and jawline.

dental implants

A dental implant is created with a metal post topped by an artificial tooth. It is known as the crown. Dentists install the implant into the jawbone to give a substantial structure that supports maintaining the remaining teeth’ position. By following a normal tooth structure, it will help patients to chew and bite effortlessly.

Though the dental implant is a medically advanced procedure, there are many conceptions about this medically advanced treatment. Let’s discuss about it with actual facts. .

Common Myth & Actual Facts About Dental Implants

Misconception: Dental implant is painful

Actual Fact:

Dental implant surgery is not painful. A dental surgeon uses anesthesia to numb your teeth, root, and gum before performing dental implant surgery. So, you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. As it is also a surgical procedure, you may feel little pain just after the surgery. However, your doctor will prescribe painkillers and other medicine to heal the incision area quickly.

Misconception: The implant candidate should have perfect teeth.

This is the biggest myth of the dental implant. The misconception will be clear with the clear definition of dental implant that we have made at the beginning of the article. A dental implant is a titanium bolster that functions as an artificial tooth root. The titanium post is embedded into the patient’s jaw. It is an artificial tooth root,next, a crown bind to the artificial titanium root. When a patient loses his teeth, he loses the firm foundation of the jawbone. Still, tooth implant surgery strengthens the jawbone foundation and resolves the missing tooth problem with artificial teeth.

Actual Fact: rather than perfect teeth, a candidate needs a healthy body

Like any other prosthetic surgery, a dental implant also requires a healthy body because we all know a healthy body has strong immunity to recover from wounds. Apart from that, simple requirements of a dental implant include:

  • Strong Bone in the jaw to support the implant treatment
  • Health gums with no gum infection and swelling
  • If the patient has one or more missing teeth

If you don’t have a strong jawbone to support the implant, the doctor will recommend you to do jaw bone grafting first. It will strengthen your implant and provide a long-lasting effect.

Misconception: Dental implant can injure your gum and jaw

Your oral health is essential. Because we eat, drink, chew through our teeth. We get nutrition from food. But if we can’t take food properly, our body may suffer from a lack of nutrition. A missing tooth causes a dental cavity, and that promotes oral problems. So, missing teeth is a serious concern.

The dental implant is the most effective treatment for missing teeth, and it does not injure your jaw and gum.

Actual Fact: Dental implant protect your mouth and teeth

A dental implant provides better oral health compared to bridges and dentures. The implantation treatment protects your teeth and mouth in two different ways:

Do not affect adjacent teeth:

Tooth loss can affect your surrounded teeth to gravitate into the place left by the missing tooth. A dental implant fill-up the vacant space and keep the adjacent teeth in their place. But denture treatment and bridges can scorch and weaken the adjacent teeth.

Protect your jaw bone:  

when you don’t have natural tooth roots attached to your jawbone, that part of the bone starts to melt away. A dental implant provides an artificial tooth root anchored to the jawbone and provides a strong crown foundation.

Misconception: Dental implants look fake and feel unnatural

This is completely false. If you go to a certified dental clinic, they will provide you completely authentic dental implant with a natural feel. The functionality of the dental implant will be like the original tooth. Your artificial tooth will blend with your natural teeth. You feel completely normal when you chew and communicate. The dental implant is not similar to bridges or dentures, and it is an advanced technique to provide the best result.

Actual Fact: Dental implants are realistic in nature.

This medical, dental procedure helps you to achieve the natural feeling of an in-born tooth.

Appearance: Dental implant has a look-alike structure of your natural teeth. It is called the crown. The main component of the crown is porcelain or ceramic.

The crown part is precisely the same as the natural teeth in each aspect: shape, size, and colour.

Facial structure: As a dental implant protects your jawbone from degrading, it keeps your facial structure and smiles very natural with zero flakiness.

Functionality: dental implants function exactly like natural teeth, they do not make noise like bridge or dentures.

The treatment is highly efficient to provide the most realistic experience than any other treatment.

These are some myths and accurate facts about dental implants; if you have a missing tooth issue, don’t leave it untreated; talk to a dentist. He will provide proper medical assistance to fill your vacant space of missing tooth.