Having to deal with cancer should be enough, but radiation therapy, one of the most common and effective treatments for all sorts of cancers, has a whole line of side effects o its very own. A lot of patients experience some level of discomfort both during and after their treatment, and these are the best ways we’ve to fund to help relieve some of them.

radiation therapy

  1. Limit Your Activities

    For several people, one of the strongest side effects of radiation therapy is overwhelming exhaustion. You might want to continue living your life as normal, to ‘show cancer who’ in charge’, but the best action plan might be to limit your activity level. This goes hand in hand with adhering to a generous sleep schedule and other healthy lifestyle choices, and are recommended by Radiation Therapy Singapore.

  1. Eat a Nutritious, Balanced Diet

    Another of the huge side effects of radiation therapy is the loss of appetite or experiencing issues digesting food. This can cause you to lose interest in nourishment altogether, becoming malnourished, the effects of which can last long after your treatment is over. However, it is important to eat enough satisfying and healthy food to cause damaged tissues in your body to heal themselves.

    Try making every meal into an occasion. Celebrate each and every bite. Keep it healthy and delicious, and you won’t be able to turn it down.

  1. Develop a Healthy Skin Routine

    People often complain about the effect that radiation therapy has on their skin. The skin on and around the treated area may become reddened, inflamed or irritated. A dry effect is also not uncommon. Talk to your specialist doctor about developing a skincare regimen that can relieve a lot of these symptoms. In this case, a few ointments and balms can work wonders.

  1. Talk About It

    Undergoing radiation therapy and suffering from cancer itself are some of the most stressful life situations to be in. Many therapists specialize in conducting sessions with current cancer fighters or cancer survivors. Other side effects can have a negative impact on your mental state, so it’s always good to consider seeking the support of a professional in times like these.

    Even speaking to a loved one is good; just getting an outside perspective on your situation is always valuable.

  1. Get Enough Physical Activity

    It is common to feel tired after a session of radiation treatment, but it is still important to get enough healthy activity in your life. Mild or moderate exercise is recommended; even a brisk walk can help you get used to a healthy sleep schedule or help you to manage the signs of stress. Regularly committing to physical fitness will benefit you even after you have ceased treatment.

  1. Continue Tasting Things

    Along with nausea and the loss of appetite, a lot of radiation therapy patients complain that it changes the way food tastes, leaving a faint metallic taste in their mouths. Radiation may change the way food tastes, a side effect that can continue even after treatment, cold foods, tart fruits and strong seasoning may counteract these effects. It is important to frequently and sufficiently clean your mouth, to ready the palette for something new.

  1. Stay Properly Hydrated

    While radiation therapy can cause you to lose fluids by causing nausea and diarrhoea, it is important to replenish those fluids as often as you can. Dehydration can cause your blood pressure to soar as well as mood changes. With such a simple fix, it is silly to let those continue.

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