Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3 is a popular sweat-resistant wireless sports headphone of the company. The fins that help secure the buds in your ears have been redesigned. Its battery has been upgraded from NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) to lithium ion. This is because to deliver battery life up to eight hours playing music at moderate volume levels. Starters won’t find it as good as its previous version, X2.

This has brought some improvements in itself after having pressure on its previous versions. It brings much improved audio quality, a tweaked form factor, the addition of Comply Foam tips. All these qualities keep the wireless headphones among the best. Jaybird includes three sizes of ear fins, three pairs of silicone gels (large, medium, small), and three pairs of Comply Foam tips in the same sizes.

Jaybird now includes a clip to attach the headphone to your shirt. This headphone is available in four colors. They are black, white, Military green and red(below).

Jaybird X3

The only demerit of this headphones is that it’s a noise-isolating earphone. It locks out a lot of ambient noise, preventing you from hearing traffic while you’re running. Jaybird includes a little charging accessory that connects to a Micro-USB cable, which you can clip onto the inline remote.

This headphone uses Bluetooth 4.1 that hasn’t problem pairing and re-pairing with iPhone or Android. It is possible to pair two sets of Jaybird X3 headphones to one device. You can even pair those two sets to two devices simultaneously. There’s no noise-reduction technology built into the headphone which makes it a little down. The headphone helps to move the microphone closer to your mouth, particularly in noisier environments.

There are three buttons on the remote to control the functions of the headphone. One which works for switching power on or off, play or pause music, and to answer or end phone calls. The remaining two buttons as shown clearly work as volume buttons. When music is paused, pressing the volume down reveals the battery level. When paired with an iOS device via Bluetooth, a visual battery indicator also appears on the top of the screen. Holding on the primary button for two seconds brings up Siri from an iOS device or Google Now when paired with an Android handset.

Jaybird X3

This headphone is perfect and an over-ear sport-fit while running. For setting up this headphone, the free Jaybird MySound app for iOS and Android isn’t necessary. Although it offers different EQ sound profiles, along with customization options to tailor fidelity based on personal taste or music genre.

The company offers only a year warranty from the date of purchase for repairing the headphones. The failure of the headphones due to perspiration is also considered under this. The headphones cost $130 which is reasonable for what it offers to the users.

Finally, Jaybird X3 has an excellent audio quality over its previous version. But there is the noise-isolating feature that doesn’t make the user listen to any other sounds except the music that is being played. This makes it a disadvantage while in traffic and you can’t hear the horns of other vehicles. However, it has improved features compared to X2.

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