Apple iPhone 7 Review


Apple iPhone 7 would have been probably the phone of the year if it had launched it in the last year instead of the iPhone 6S.

Instead of the iPhone 6S, with just a 3D Touch-screen in the way of new features and a few power boosts here and there. We’d had a waterproof handset with dual speakers, a brighter and more colorful screen and a boosted 12MP camera.  This resulted better than the pictures on the iPhone 6.

Design Features :

In fact, the Home button has had a major overhaul, it’s not actually a button anymore. Changing the home button from a clickable entity to something that responds to pressure. Possibly, even the loss of the headphone jack would have been innovative and alternative. The button might be new, but there’s still a TouchID fingerprint sensor underneath. This plays perfectly with Apple Pay and secure online banking apps and will unlock your phone quickly as the last years’ model did.

Well, if Apple had thrown a top-end 256GB storage model, that would have been a real challenge. It would have also become a chance for the brand to cast off the ‘tick-tock’ mentality of keeping the smaller upgrades confined to the S variants. It reminds us that it just makes great phones.

But that didn’t happen, and now the metronomic quality of Apple’s upgrades seems to have come to a halt. The initial reaction of dubbing this iPhone 6S isn’t fair, as it’s more than just an S upgrade – but it’s not as much of a push forward as many would have expected given the large changes on the iPhone 4 and 6 in particular.

Although maybe there’s a second pattern emerging here. Either way, the iPhone 7 is another very good handset from Apple, but not great. The brighter and more colorful screen, the more powerful innards, the slightly larger battery and the upgraded camera seems more like the type of changes we get on the S variants of the iPhone, not a new model.

It’s highly disappointing that only the iPhone 7 Plus has got the dual-camera array, as being able to use optical zoom, create DSLR effects and get improved snaps all round would have been a real reason to persuade people to change to the latest iPhone. The upgrades to the internal memory are totally welcome, though, with the increase in the capacity for the same price, a change to occur which we’ve been expecting from Apple for a long time.

The price is still high for what you’re getting. Though, we’ve said about a new iPhone which people always prefer for. Perhaps, at some time that argument concludes to be relevant. The loss of the headphone jack does possibly make sense. But even if this does turn out to be a masterstroke, it’ll be a couple of years before it stops being an inconvenience, which is about the useful and mean life of the iPhone 7.

Camera :

Apple iPhone 7 camera

The iPhone 7 turned out snapping detailed pics with 12 MP camera that retained their true colours, instead of distorting reality with overly-saturated hues. Even when magnified, detail isn’t lost, although things get a little fuzzy around the edges. And when the flash is eventually needed, the two extra LEDs keep things looking natural instead of bathing your subject in a horrifying glance.

Performance :

Apple has finally gone quad-core in 2016, doubling up on CPU power for the A10 Fusion chip. The iPhone 7 easily matched our fast and furious tapping, swiping, and double pressing without any difficulty.

Even after half an hour of continuous Riptide GP2 racing, the phone handles the heat well. No amount of notifications could create any visible lag, proving just how capable Apple’s silicon is when it comes to gaming.

Battery Life :

The battery life hasn’t improved so much from last year – something Apple seems to recognise given that an iPhone 7-friendly version of the bumpy Smart Battery Case is launching day and date with the phone.

Apple iPhone 7 has definitely got more staying power than the iPhone 6s, but this isn’t quite the all-day endurance champ which we were hoping for. In day-to-day use, it hit 20% after 10 hours – adequate, seeing as Low Power Mode will last for a few precious extra minutes when you’re near to empty, but you’re still going to have some battery anxiety towards the end of the day.

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