iPhone 7 Plus Review

Apple iPhone-7-plus

The iPhone 7 Plus size is exactly the same as the iPhone 6S Plus at 6.23 by 3.07 by 0.29 inches (HWD), but a little bit lighter with 6.63 ounces compared with the iPhone 6S’ 6.77. However, it might not fit into the same cases because the dual rear cameras require a larger cutout. The main visual changes are a larger camera bump on the back for the dual 12MP rear cameras, and the lack of a headphone jack on the bottom, replaced by a grille for the barometer vent. The home button looks the same as last year’s, but it’s a virtual button rather than physical.

The iPhone 7 Plus respond quickly and it allows you to tune the response (essentially a vibration) to your interests. The latest haptic engine also helps to enhance gaming, offering a range of stuttering and buzzing responses to screen taps in general.

This year, two new colors have joined the iPhone array. One is Jet Black, which is glossy but very grippy. It’s also the world’s worst fingerprint magnet. The Jet Black review unit was impossible to keep it clean. The other is Matte Black, far less frustrating and more attractive. Although, it’s far more resistant to scratches and fingerprints and has a nice, premium feel. iPhone 7 Plus are also available in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver options.

Display :

The display of iPhone 7 plus is 5.5-inch. Its 1,920-by-1,080 screen looks just like last year’s model. Apple says it’s 25 percent brighter and displays better colors, side-by-side. But I didn’t find any difference in its display. The screen is also still pale (often literally) against the rich color and precise text on Samsung’s latest AMOLED displays.

While the lab says that screen is brighter and less reflective than previous iPhone displays. It also mentions an optional color gamut as a big plus. But that color gamut isn’t used by much content yet, making it more of a future feature than a present plus.

Water Resistant :

Apple iPhone-7-plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is an IP67 certified phone. That means you can dunk the phone in shallow water for half an hour. But you should not take it while swimming. You just need not have to worry about dropping it in the sink. You can find no problem dropping or submerging iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in a bowl of water for 30 minutes. Whereas iPhone 6s will not support this with it to happen. Even the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is water resistant. After the Apple iPhone gets wet, it suggests to let the Lightning port dry out for five hours before plugging it in again. This prevents short circuits.

Storage :

Apple iPhone 7 Plus is now available with 32GB (for $769), 128GB ($869), and 256GB ($969). We suggest the 128GB model for most people, especially for gamers. The latest titles that take advantage of the new hardware, like Lumino City, Transistor, OZ Broken Kingdom, and CSR Racing 2, are all over a gigabyte each. If you capture 4K video, that eats up about 350MB per minute. A 128GB device gives you room to breathe and use the  features of iPhone 7 to their maximum extent.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM. This helps the 7 Plus’s performance while flipping between multiple apps. Whereas the iPhone 7 has 2 GB of RAM.

Battery Life :

Our battery tests don’t make it easy to compare iPhones and Android devices. That’s because iPhones tend to have power-hungry screens. On our standard test, the iPhone screen’s power usage blows away all its other advantages. This test streams a video over LTE with the screen at full brightness. The iPhone 7 Plus gets 6 hours of battery life which is far less than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But still, the iPhone 7 Plus gets much longer usage time than the 6S Plus. The 6S is clocked in at 4 hours, 11 minutes.

Bluetooth is one which has less impact on the iPhone. An hour of Bluetooth audio consumes about 1% of the iPhone 7 Plus’s battery, whereas the Galaxy S7 consumes 4% of its battery charge.

Camera :

Apple iPhone-7-plus

Both iPhone 7’s sport 12-MP main cameras with optical image stabilization and 7-megapixel front cameras. Our camera expert Jim Fisher put the new cameras through a variety of lab tests. It was declared that they don’t match the Galaxy S7’s camera. But the differences can’t be observed with the naked eye. However, they are measurably better than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cameras.

Apple iPhone-7-plus

In a good outdoor light, the iPhone 7 Plus’ f/1.8 lens camera doesn’t give punchier colors than that of Galaxy S7. In several macro images of flowers, the iPhone blew out the image by default, while the Galaxy S7 captures more highlights. The iPhone 7’s 7-MP selfie camera also captures noticeably more details. Apple has brought zoom to the masses not through a second camera, but through a few convenient pixels on the screen.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the best mobile video camera on the market. Because it doesn’t put an artificial 10-minute limit on 4K recordings like the Galaxy S7 does. Apple’s superior APIs also mean there are some terrific third-party video camera apps, like Flimic Pro, which just don’t match on Android.

Headphones :

Apple iPhone-7-plus

The iPhone 7 Plus does not have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, it has a Lightning port; it comes with Lightning EarPod earbuds and a flimsy. The Lightning port offers a potential audiophile solution, as Lightning headphones can have their own premium DACs for great audio quality. The dual stereo speakers aren’t entirely front-facing. One is in the earpiece and the other is at the bottom right of the phone. But they do deliver noticeably louder, less tinny audio than previous iPhone generations. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus puts out 88 decibels from its bigger speakers.

Finally, to conclude, the iPhone 7 Plus has additional future-proofing, including the dual cameras and the extra RAM, which will help with new versions of iOS. Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is banned on airlines and most public transportation, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is put high with its fast processor, high-quality display, and dual cameras, your best bet for large phones.

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