5 Signs and Symptoms of RAM



Below we have explained you the signs and symptoms about the failure of RAM. So read this briefly and learn those tips.

Despite of being the latest iPhone and laptop people are investing every time on a new laptop or mobile that actually raises the cost of the devices said some tech companies. If you handle your devices properly, most of the gadgets and components may work for long and long. In my case, I was writing this on a 5 year old laptop, my HD television is using since ten years and my Nexus 5 is still going strong.

But coming to delicate nature of electronic components, they will get spoiled when the time expires for them and nothing is more vulnerable than computer RAM because you must be aware of signs your SSD is about to fail, there are signs that could point to imperfect or near-death RAM.


Why RAM Failure Matters


Why does it matters when your computer is about to fail? In any case, people fights for years with smartphone screens or iffy Keyboards. But coming to the case of RAM it is not possible and you can’t ignore simply- because it is the one of the important body parts of computer and out of your entire machine’s components it has the highest failure rates.

Basically, RAM is responsible for how many apps it can run smoothly at particular time on your machine. The most usage of RAM is on an average operating system and your web browser (it is not good to use hundreds of tabs at once), but in general if we run more complex program means, it requires more RAM.

You can think of it like your system’s short-term memory- it stores the data of your computer uses. Hard drives are used to store the memory that you can access when your system reboots. But how can you know Your RAM is near to the end?

1. Diminishing Performance

One of the most secret of bad RAM is fading performance in excess of time.

If you find that your computer functions perfect initially but later it gets slow due to longer usage-you will be get troubled. The problem we can find mostly on memory –intensive apps like Photoshop, web browsers and complex video games.


Obviously, Faulty RAM may not cause any issue but a misbehaving program will eat your machine’s CPU or leaking memory. If you are unable to find the cause of the performance degradation, that effect might be on the health of RAM’s.

One thing you can do is to restart your system but don’t let off the any apps. If this thing keeps on going without running any apps, then it is the time for you to shop for new RAM modules.

2. Random Crashes

If your computer gets slow, it doesn’t mean that your RAM is faulty might be some other problem in the system. But also there is possibility for RAM might be faulty.


This is particularly true if there doesn’t show any constancy to the crashes. For instance, if you get the blue screen of the death every time on windows then you will try to open that particular app, and that app may create problem more than your hardware creates. But if you find that the crashes at random times and without warning, then RAM could be responsible for that. You might also find your machine will reboot the moment it shows on the desktop, or it crashes your new programs that you will be installed every time.

3. Video Card Fails to Load

Your devices video and media hardware will be perfectly recognized and booted perfectly when you start your computer, and hear a loud beep.

If you does not hear the sound of beep, that means it is not loaded- and RAM might be the reason. You will get the warning message displayed on an on-screen when the OS tries to boot.


Again even if, taken alone, it is not a sure guarantee of malfunctioning RAM. Instead the issue might be the video.

On a Mac, RAM error has been found when a triple beep gets at start-up.

4. Corrupted Data Files

Suddenly you might find that all the files and data which you use regularly are corrupted and cannot be opened.

Aside from being a lesson about the importance of making regular backups, it’s another clear sign that your RAM is on the brink.


It is clear sign of your RAM is on the edge, apart from being a lesson about the importance of making regular backups


If you find most of the files are corrupted-that means problem gets more worst- almost RAM is responsible for that. It is due to the faulty RAM is causing your hard drive’s structure to collapse and finally you no need to boot your machine at all.

5. Incorrect System RAM Display

Your system thinks that it is easy to check the amount of RAM, but it has on either Windows or Mac.

On Windows, Start Menu clicks on the right button and search for control panel and then Choose System. You will be shown the summary about your machine’s important statistics, as well as the amount of RAM theoretically installed.


If you use Mac, Search for Apple then goes to About This Mac and confirm whether the Overview tab is selected. You will be viewed some of your computer’s stats, in windows which contains the amount of RAM.


Does this amount equal to the amount of your machine should have? (If you are not confirm, Search in Google for your device’s product number.)

How to Check Your RAM

As I referred few times, RAM could be automatically a problem in one of the above symptoms. There could be number of causes such as bad power supply, a computer virus /malware, excessive heat, a corrupted operating system installation or any other hardware component fault.

Though, you have experienced most of these issues on a normal basis, it is cautious to run some diagnostics tests.

On Windows

Windows already have default memory diagnostic tool. To run that tool, Press WIN+R, then type mdsched and press Enter.

You will be allowed to restart your machine. Then it will run some tests before restarting and returning you to the desktop. If it founds any problem then it displays a notification on the Taskbar.


Instead, you can attempt for Memtest. It has been for above 20 years and is extensively measured to be the most careful tool for testing RAM.

On Mac

Mac also have own built-in memory tester. To use it, restart your device and hold down D when it boots, then you will go directly to diagnostics screen.


A memory test should be started now on newer models automatically. Users who use older versions has to choose the Hardware Tests tab, beside Perform extended testing (takes more time),tick the checkbox and click Test.

These are the signs and symptoms About Failure of RAM is about to fail.

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