Applications Useful For Women

applications useful for women

We already are aware of a huge number of applications available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. These apps are useful in a variety of ways likes image and video editing, games, food preparation apps and so on. But do you know that there are some applications useful for women in so many aspects?

Yes! There are some applications useful for women in whatever situation they are. And now I am here with some of the most important and useful ones among them. Go through the following apps that may help you in a critical situation. Let you and all the women (if you aren’t a woman, let your sister, mother, wife and your women relations) know that there are applications useful for women. These are the apps that every woman has to download these apps on their smartphones.

1. Companion:

applications useful for women

It is one of the apps designed for safety. It doesn’t get much more revolutionary than Companion. This app lets you enter your destination and then select contacts to be your companions. It follows you to your way to home via a live map. If you don’t reach your destination on time, you’ll get a message asking if everything is OK. It’ll wait for 15 seconds for you to respond to that message. If you don’t respond in that time, the app alerts your companions. It has a feature included to call police or give a heads up about unsafe conditions. All these features make it the ultimate app for avoiding uneasiness walking home alone for women.

2. Lyft:

applications useful for women

Uber has now been reduced its usage by users because of its low rating in terms of safety. Whereas in Lyft, the similar problems are avoided largely for the safety of the users mainly women. But this can be used commonly by all the people irrespective of gender. This app offers the user the way to get home safer and is reliable too. Using this app will let you out from nervously waiting on the roads to hail a cab or any other public transportation late at nights. This app will let the user know the where your car is and when it will reach you. It also examines the drivers and makes it convenient, comfortable, and trackable at all times. Download Lyft app in Android Play Store

3. SitOrSquat:

applications useful for women

This app is created by toilet paper super-brand Charmin. SitOrSquat helps you find suitable restrooms in a new place or unfamiliar areas. The app not only shows nearby washrooms, it also offers a user-generated rating system to help you avoid less-than-pleasant (and less-than-clean) facilities. This rating will help other users choose the right one that is being maintained clean.

4. Mint:

applications useful for women

Mint is a life saver app that is mainly useful for independent women. This app allows you to organize your finances according to your investments, credit card bills, bank accounts, and expenses into one interface. Mint constantly ensures that you never fall into debt, make a late payment, or let your credit score slip. This app helps you on time payments and other financial and account related disputes. You can download Mint App in Google Play Store.

5. Nike+ Training Club:

applications useful for women

There are tons of fitness apps out of which none is as high-tech as Nike+Training Club. It’s also an easy-to-use and effective app too. No matter what activity or level of difficulty you’re looking for. It’s a female-focused Nike+ Training Club app that has something to get you off the couch and into shape. Each of the more than 100 workouts was designed by Nike master trainers. It’s basically the portable personal trainer.

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6. ShopStyle:

applications useful for women

The ShopStyle app is the ultimate guide to smart shopping for women. There is a huge collection of great browsing and search features. Among which one of the standouts is the “sale alert” option. This option allows you to select individual items, brands or categories. If the item goes on sale, you will receive an email alert. You can shop online with this app for whatever is a women’s need.

7. Flipboard:

applications useful for women

Flipboard app will be highly useful for women to get rid of their boring and leisure time at home or when out to some place. It provides a magazine-like platform that seems easy for customizing news and social media content. This app keeps you (men or women) stay informed and updated without going through articles online or in printed newspapers. This app finds to be the virtual solution to your problem and fills the space. It makes sure for you to provide you with the best articles on topics on which you are interested in. Flippa App for Android and iOS users.

8. Spotify:

applications useful for women

Spotify is an app for those who are music lovers. It should be their go-to app. It will let you out of your boredom in any place. You can either use the free version or choose to upgrade to the premium one. The upgraded version of the Spotify app offers even the offline features. The Spotify puts all your favorite songs in your purse. You can enjoy listening to them whenever you wish without the Internet connection or any network.

9. Evernote:

applications useful for women

Evernote is a free app that allows you to take photos, store pictures, write notes, and record voice memos. It’s not meant particularly for women, rather anyone can make use of this app to store notes or any data. Evernote helps you remember everything from your daily life to other important tasks. You can sync it with your computer and add a favorite photo or recipe in it. Simply, it can be used as a storage app so that they can later be referred.

These are some of the applications useful for women in any situation. They can be downloaded from the play store of the smartphone(Android). There are apps that work even in offline mode.

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