Facebook has become a major part of our daily routine. But many Facebook users do not know how to take benefits from this social network. Facebook always offers some advanced features, to make it a most used social network at a solid level. Some of the recent features from Facebook have been admired among Facebook users. Adding photos, deleting photos, updating the status are familiar tasks among all Facebook users. But here are some Facebook tips and tricks.


Facebook Cleaner

When the users access their Facebook profile, they get numerous advertisements, notifications, banners, etc. which creates extreme irritation and confusion for the users.  For disabling all the Facebook adds a new tool called Facebook: Cleaner is introduced. The only thing the user has to do is they should install Facebook cleaner in their browser. Once this tool is installed in your browser, whenever you access your profile, the cleaner will disable all the useless ads easily.



If the user wants to send a Facebook message at a definite date, or at the correct time then it is possible with an online service called Sendible.  Sendible will allow the user to send Facebook messages to your friends, relatives at the exact date and time.

The only thing the user has to do is, they have to create a new account in the Sendible website and then connect to their facebook account. Then compose a new message and set the details like recipient name, the exact time and date at which message has to be send to the user.

The biggest disadvantage of Sendible service is, it is not a free service. For the first time, the user can access trial version of Sendible with limited features. But later they have to pay and use this service. The minimum cost of this account is $39.99 per month and offers management upto 40 services. Instead of Sendible, user can use Buffer, which is a free software.



Facebook chat is a simple and easy way to communicate with friends and relatives all over the world. The main disturbance of facebook chat is, it is positioned at the underneath of Facebook page. So, if u want to read or send any new messages, you should go back to the tab forever where the main page is loaded. In this case, if you are using facebook on firefox browser then it is possible to place Facebook chat into your firefox’s sidebar. Then you can access it every time without any disturbance. Here are steps how to place facebook chat in side bar.

  • Goto the top of Firefox menu bar and then click on Bookmark menu.
  • Then right click on drop down menu panel and then select new, Bookmark option.
  • Next enter some details like name, location, and click on the check box and then select the add button.
  • Now click on Facebook chat icon from Bookmark’s drop down menu and then start sending messages to friends.




Facebook2zip is an online application which allows the user to download photo album from their personal facebook account or friend’s profile. It is a very good method to backup all personal photos. From a single click, you can download all your photos. For using this online application, you have to go to Facebook2zip official website and then sign in with their facebook account. Then choose any required album and photos which you want to download. All the downloaded photos will be in Zip format.