When it comes to designing, there are two approaches either go for a design that has lots of elements like pictures, icons, graphics, videos, and so on. The other one is the minimalistic design approach. A minimalist design approach is probably one of the most popular designs these days, especially after Google started using this approach.

Best Minimalist design Tips


Best Practices for a Minimalist Design

A minimalistic design approach is all about creative imagination and budget. It is about experimenting with fonts, colors, and transition, and breaking composition.

It is up to the designer to use the approach they want, but whichever design they use must fulfill the purpose of your website design or so on. The purpose is customer satisfaction and making the experience of the customer more enhanced. Now the question is how minimalistic design can help you enhance your customer experience and provide maximum customer satisfaction.

There is a reason why some of the biggest companies in the world (think Apple) use a minimal design language. This is because not only is it pleasing in aesthetic terms, it also guides the consumer or the users to the centre of attraction. The best Web Development Company in Dubai states that minimal designs are best for improving conversion rates. This is why if you are someone who is looking to create landing pages for campaigns, you should always opt for minimalistic designs.

Below are some tips that can help you with the same.

  1. Using one big or large background element

    In minimalistic design, since there is less to no elements, the background has a lot of significance. It is because there are no other elements except a background. That is why most people these days are using a large element like a video or an image as part of their background. It gives a lot of attention to the message that is the main focus of the page. But you have to be careful with this tip because it can be hard to make a responsive website with this tip.

  1. Make sure your content look presentable

    Content is one of the most important parts of a website. But if think that writing one of the best content in the world will attract more reader, then you are wrong. Content is important, but how you present it is also quite important.

    Make sure the font you use goes with the theme of the website and suits it. Also, make sure that the font you use is readable and visible. When you use good typography, it can be powerful. It compensates for the lack of designs and graphics.

    Also, make sure whatever font or design you use, is mobile-friendly as most people browse the website using mobile-only.

  1. Make sure you follow the principles

    When you are working with minimalistic design, you have to follow some principles too. Principles like:

  • Never use overly complicated design, which has a lot going on. It is because the main message loses focus, which leads to poor customer experience.
  • In this approach, the designer follows the formula of ‘less is more’. It is all about making sure that the information is easily and logically without going through a layer of images or graphics that have no real importance in the design.
  • Make sure your design is so minimal and lightweight that it loads quickly, and the user doesn’t leave your website for the competitors.
  1. Use flat texture

    One way to make sure that your website design is minimalistic is by using a flat texture. This type of texture has no gradient, special graphic effect, or highlights. Thus, all the UI elements look quite simple and minimal. Minimal website design and flat design are two different things, they can exist together, but they can also differ, thus make sure you are careful when you mix the two.

  1. Create an intuitive navigation system

    One of the best practices to make a minimalistic website design is by making sure that the navigation system is simple and intuitive. The navigation system for a website is quite important as it is one thing that helps the user to move around and explore the website. That is why you must keep the navigation system easy to use and simple.

  1. Use whitespace

    White or negative space is the space in between various elements of the website. Having this space is quite important as it helps direct the user to focus more on important things like products, services, CTAs and so on,

    Make sure that you remove any element that is not required on the website. One more important thing, you can create white space with any color.

  1. Color

    Don’t use too many colors in your website design. Keep it simple, either use black and white, or any other combination that also goes with your brand’ theme.

  1. Wireframe

    A website wireframe is a blueprint of a website. It is a quick sketch used to demonstrate functionality and start building a site. So, always create a blueprint of your site first. You can make it on Canva.

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