Those who’ve had a chance to visit Paris describe it as a charming and surprising place, definitely unique and maybe even a bit peculiar. Both women and men there are incredible, with their own sense of humor and flawless style. Anyone can see that these people love fashion and that they are passionate and well-informed. They love cheese and sunglasses, and even in winter, you can see them outside, sitting on the street terraces.


All these things and more make them so interesting to meet and analyze. Let’s see what eight things Parisian would always do make them so cool!

Wearing sunglasses during winter

People from Paris are very fashionable and their sense of style is impressive. We can all look up to them and learn a lot when it comes to fashion and what’s chic. One of the reasons why they always look so awesome and attractive is because of their sunglasses, which they don’t miss to wear even when it’s winter. To them, this is a matter of statement. Whatever is going on in the world, they don’t care as long as their sunnies are with them.

Wearing attractive and quality underwear 

Parisians are serious about taking care of their looks. They even pay attention to the things that aren’t visible to everyone, like underwear. Women from Paris delight in wearing attractive and tempting underwear because that makes them feel good. It also has to be quality, like this g-string, which has it all –it’s organic, anti-bacterial, easy on the eyes and unnoticeable under clothes. Parisian women would definitely advise us all to choose something like this because it’s both chic and healthy. To them, health is the number one priority, but they always manage to also look fashionable, and this is something we can learn from them for sure. 

Wearing black during summer

In summer, they feel good dressing in black from head-to-toe. We know that black attracts warmth, so we aren’t sure why they do it, but it might be a matter of statement to them. After all, black is the color of elegance and we know that they are very sophisticated and classy.

Sitting out on the street terraces

The cafés in Paris offer outdoor seating regardless of the season. Parisians just love sitting out on the street terraces, observing people and what’s happening outside. Their cafés even provide blankets and outdoor heaters because of it! 

Carrying a baguette wherever they go

Baguettes originate from France, and whoever goes to Paris just has to try theirs, because they say they are the best! It’s also very common to see Parisians carrying a baguette wherever they go, and you should know that this is their stamp, almost like an accessory or some sort of a fashion statement as well. It can look pretty cute!

Always ordering cheese in restaurants 

They also really like cheese, and they like it so much that they almost never forget to order it when they’re in a restaurant. They even tend to have cheese as an independent course on the menu. This is a treat that requires no cooking and they can get it quickly. They eat lots and lots of it, no matter what the occasion is. 

Making smoking look elegant 

Smoking is really bad and it causes illnesses, but the way Parisians do it is so tempting. They do it like characters from retro movies, looking cool and classy. You can see that a lot of people from this city smoke, and they don’t care that it’s becoming less and less glamorized. To them, it’s another thing that makes them sophisticated. 

Making jokes even in difficult situations 

Parisians have a unique sense of humor that’s different from everything else we know. They also tend to make jokes and laugh even when they find themselves in an unpleasant situation. Both men and women do it, and maybe that’s what makes them so charming. Since these people are really educated and eloquent, they are quite witty as well and it amuses them to use humor anytime and anywhere. 

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ve probably noticed some or all of these things. It’s what makes Parisians one-of-a-kind and interesting, and maybe even irresistible, so we all want to be like them and learn from them. Finally, if you plan to visit Paris in the future, now you know how to blend in perfectly.  

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