Apple Smartwatch Tips And Tricks

Apple Smartwatch

Apple Smartwatch has been launched in two versions. They are explicitly positioned as a sports watch by the company. Particularly the second series brings the built-in GPS radio for distance tracking on walks, runs, bike rides and swims. Mainly, it’s also water resistant, safe for submersion in up to 50 meters of water. Even they have brighter display than any other smartwatch.

There is a host of tips and tricks to bring the Apple Watch to your will. With watchOS 2, it gets even more versatile.

WatchOS is one of the most complex wearable operating systems. While it makes for a steep learning curve, it also means there’s an incredible amount of opportunity for customization.

1. Adjustable On-Screen Text :

Apple Smartwatch

Sometimes, we wish to adjust the text size with such a tiny display of the device. No worry! We have the option to make the on-screen larger or smaller depending on the user.

You can also choose a speciality Big Text watches face if you’re interested in seeing the time in large numerals.

2. Hide Watch Apps :

Apple Smartwatch

Having installed third-party apps in your smartwatch may be very exciting. But some of them may quickly confuse your device’s home screen. To hide these third-party apps, you can hold on an app icon from the Home screen and press the red “X” on it. Or visit the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and show/hide apps from the “My Watch” section. Even though you’ve removed their Watch interfaces, those apps will remain installed on your iPhone unless you delete them from that device, as well. But with an iPhone, you can’t hide any of the stock applications.

3. Find Your Phone :

Apple Smartwatch

The Apple SmartWatch can help you track your phone. From your Watch face, swipe up to activate Glances, then go to Settings glance. From here, tap the “Ping iPhone” button in blue to have it make a noise. This will get your iPhone to you.

4. Taking Screen Shots :

Apple Smartwatch

You can take screenshots quickly. It is so simple. Just simultaneously press both the side button and the digital crown. This gives you the screen shot of whatever you want.

5. Turn Off Snooze For Alarm :

Apple Smartwatch

Don’t you have enough confidence in yourself about getting up early? You can simply turn off the snooze for your alarm. Go to Alarms > Edit Alarm and then turn off Snooze.

Your watch face can be manually set to display five minutes fast. This won’t affect your alarms, notifications, or clocks from other countries. To do this, go to Settings > Time > +0 min, then turn the Digital crown to advance the time ahead up to 59 minutes.

7. Share location with force touch :

Apple Smartwatch

If you wish to send your present location to your friend while you’re out, Simple! From your Messages conversation, Force Touch the display and tap Send Location. That’s all, you have shared your location with your friend.

8. Clear all notifications :

Apple Smartwatch

You can swipe every notification left to delete them individually. But if there are huge notifications, it feels bored to swipe each of them separately. For this, swipe down from the display to access Notifications, then force touch the display to bring up the Clear All option. This will completely delete all the notification on the notification screen.

9. Review your iPhone Images from Your Watch :

Apple Smartwatch

The Camera app on your Watch lets you use it as a remote display and shutter for photos. But you can also have a quick review of any recent shots. That way, you can make sure you’ve got the perfect group shot before retrieving your iPhone.

10. Put Your Watch In Power Reserve Mode :

Apple Smartwatch

Is the Battery of your watch draining too fast? Save the battery power. Put your smartwatch in power reserve mode. For this, long press the second button on the side of the watch. Then a power menu appears. Tap the “Power Reserve” button and put if off. Now the Apple Smartwatch will only show the time when prompted.

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