The internet has taken over all aspects of work and life. There are plenty of jobs that can now be done, with just a laptop and a good internet connection. Staffing is one of them, and people are leveraging the power of social media to enhance the prospects of those looking for jobs online.


With the right staffing software solutions, it has become easier for anyone to recruit effectively. It narrows down the candidates based on a number of parameters and only suggests those who are eligible for an interview.

1 in 6 job seekers works with social media to help them get a good job. The internet is one of the best places for staffing solutions as they are less biased.

What is the online recruitment procedure?

While staffers work with certain physical biases, digital staffing can help recruiters reach out to deserving candidates via just the internet. They won’t have to be present for the interview process physically, and it only takes a few hours a day to set it up.

First, the staffing software solution runs through the hundreds of resumes available online. Generally, the software can pick out certain key points with which it can segregate the good candidates from the average ones. By doing so, it gives the recruiter the chance to go ahead and pick only those who have a higher chance of converting.

What happens then?

Then comes the interview process wherein the candidate is prepped according to the various things to expect and the number of rounds. This gives them the time to mentally prepare for the online interview so they can answer better and work in their comfort zone.

The online interview is then taken either via chat, email, or even video chat. The video chat is the most commonly used format as it allows people to have a face-to-face interview. The recruiters can smartly gauge the ability of a person with the help of the video interview and then take it forward from there as well.

It becomes necessary to give the candidate a test as well, as this is one of the main steps in understanding how eligible they are to join the company as an employee.

Why is digital staffing preferred?

Digital staffing methods are preferred because they save on both time and money. By having an effective database of strong candidates, recruiters can simply choose the ones who are most likely to convert into stable, permanent employees.

The attrition rate is one of the biggest concerns for any company, and recruiters are trying to fix that as well. With a thorough virtual interview setup, recruiters will be able to gauge every aspect of a candidate – from their critical thinking skill, analytics, personality, and ability to work as a team. Only then, if necessary, they can call them for a final round of face-to-face interviews.

Most recruiters hand the jobs based on the online interview itself.

Thus, recruiting has grown so much that now it can be done via smart digital staffing methods. By employing technology to their benefit, recruiters can smartly hire the right people and save money for the company.

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