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Youtube Alternatives

As of now, YouTube has become the father of all video sites that it has millions and millions of videos, viewers, followers, channels, and many. There was a time when YouTube was just a site that offered a chance for the people to share videos on the Internet. But now that became impossible to see YouTube as it was previously. And there are some alternative video sites that can act as YouTube and even can be said that they are better than YouTube in some ways.

With YouTube, now, being a well-known website among several other sites, we might not be aware of the other sites which are better than YouTube. So let’s see some of the alternative video sites which were used once. This doesn’t mean that they are out of the box. They still have their own identity. But does not have those many numbers of users are the YouTube has.

The following are the alternative video sites that are in a way better than YouTube.

1. Dailymotion:

Dailymotion Youtube Alternative


Dailymotion is a very popular website and is the second largest video-sharing website in the world. It’s a France-based website which was started by a guy in his Paris apartment in 2005. And that was the time when YouTube burst onto the scene. The site feels very similar to YouTube. It is designed to have a homepage that features trending videos, a set of different categories, and a visible search bar. Clicking on a video brings up a clean and simple player, though it lacks some of the impressive delicacies which YouTube’s player possesses.

The collection of videos available in Dailymotion is good, although it’s nowhere near as varied or numerous as what YouTube has to offer. The vast majority of videos that can be found on Dailymotion can also be found on YouTube. These similarities to YouTube of the Dailymotion are its biggest strength and biggest weakness too. And it can surely be said that Dailymotion is a direct alternative to YouTube. But now, Dailymotion struggles to find its true identity.

2. Vimeo:


Vimeo is literally the word ‘video’ with ‘me’ added in the middle, is a U.S.-based website. It was launched in late 2004. It’s not really a direct competitor to YouTube, having taken a more subtle approach. This Vimeo puts its complete responsibility on quality rather than quantity.

The Vimeo homepage is more about selling the site to casual passers-by instead of promoting the content hidden within it. However, by hovering over ‘Explore’ you can see the categories and channels where the visual goodness resides.

Vimeo isn’t the place to go if you want to see any crazy or funny acts of cats or dogs. There may be some possibility for these type of videos if you look hard enough. But Vimeo is more about classy short films, experimental music videos, or snapshots of people’s interesting lives.

The best thing about Vimeo is the player, which places the video front and center. It keeps all the extraneous crap to a minimum. You can keep on clicking since it has enough options. but this is the one site that shows the videos to their full potentials.

3. Facebook Video:

Facebook Video

The Facebook video has the capability to generate over 8 billion views each day. The ones have a Facebook account can easily post any video on the website.

Now the site is introducing the Rights Manager. The social networking site also has a revenue share program for some creators. This makes it arguably the biggest video site outside of YouTube. More than this, Facebook is a true contender for the top spot down the road if current trends continue.

4. Metacafe:


Metacafe was introduced in the year 2003, with two Israeli entrepreneurs starting the site in Tel Aviv. And now it’s a San Francisco-based website. Before which it was switched from the YouTube/Dailymotion model to a more curated platform for original short-form videos.

The site has a very different feel to YouTube and is immediately weighed down by a busy homepage dominated by a banner ad. Beyond that, there are drop-down menus for movies, games, and music. It also includes a collection of other selected channels.

It’s quite difficult to quit from the site once you set off to watch videos and movies. This feature of this website is similar to that of YouTube. In Metacafe, one video is inevitably linked to another that you’ll be interested in watching. There are original shows to be seen but YouTube has got connected to on that market.

It’s pretty hard to distinguish Metacafe from YouTube. To get the most from the site seek out the originals, exclusives, and partner channels. Otherwise, it’s a definite case of YouTube Lite.

5. Veoh:


Veoh is a San Diego-based website that was launched in 2006. It has changed much since its debut, now being a subsidiary of Qlipso. Its content is a strange mix of movies, music, and user-generated content.

The Veoh homepage is, if anything, a little too simplistic. There are a few selected videos presented in thumbnail form but beyond that, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Clicking on one of the drop-down menus is the only way to proceed but even that isn’t guaranteed to get you more into it.

There are channels and movies, but they’ll invariably lead to clips rather than full-length episodes of television shows or films. The music and videos tabs are more worthy of exploring.

These are the top 5 Alternative video sites that are better than YouTube. Although YouTube has its own identity among thousands of websites which help you in watching movies, videos, and channels.

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