Exploding Of iPhone 7


A surfing inspector, Mat Jones from the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia has captured a footage that his iPhone 7 burst into flames. This resulted in destroyed his car. He said that he left his iPhone 7 under a pair of pants in his car and went out to give lesson. When he was back, he found his car windows being completely black. When he opened the door, a huge smoke escaped from his car.

Jones says he bought the new iPhone 7 just one week ago, and he claims that he has not dropped it or used any third-party chargers to recharge the device. While, obviously, this has no indication of any sort of widespread problem. Similar incidents often occur after a phone suffers some type of trauma.


According to a report from local news station 7 News, he says that no doubt the source of the fire was definitely the iPhone. Jones told 7 News, “Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you wrapped open the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it”. Apple confirmed that the company is in contact with Jones and is looking into the incident. The are investigating the incident and could soon find the reason for the burst and hope the solution for the same.

Overcharging, puncturing or otherwise severely damaging the phone are all possible reasons why an iPhone 7 might catch fire.

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