Myths We Believe By Watching Movies


Movies have nowadays become the best entertainers for almost all the people. There are different zones of movies in all the languages. They may be thrillers, horror, sentimental, comedy, tragedy, and much more. People choose to see whatever they are interested in watching. We learn a number of things by watching movies, whether it may be useful or useless. We quickly get adapted to the scenes in movies and we try to learn and do them. It may be a fight, dance, songs, or whatever you are attracted to.

And there are some myths that we believe by watching movies. Actually, they are not possible but they seem possible and rather easy in movies. They do some actions with ease in movies but what the truth is that we can’t achieve them in reality.

So, what may be the myths that we believe by watching movies? Here is a list of 12 of them that watching movies make us believe.

1. A defibrillator restarts the heart:

Heart Attack Myth


In some movies, we watch that after a severe accident if the patient dies, they restart the heart by defibrillator shock. Is this possible really? Absolutely NO. This can never happen. Once the heart stops to beat, it can never be restarted. Neither doctor nor the defibrillator shock can do anything. But people believe that the shock can bring back the life of the patient.

2. Chloroform knocks out people immediately:

Chloroform Myths and Facts


While kidnapping a person in movies, chloroform is the best thing that helps the kidnappers. People faint soon after they smell the napkin. Is chloroform much powerful that it knocks out people immediately? Chloroform takes up to 5 minutes for someone to feel the chemical’s effect. And in fact, it doesn’t last for a long time period. However, we do believe that Chloroform reacts immediately on the person that they faint and won’t get conscious for almost a day.

3. Trace phone call in no time:

Police Can Trace Phone Call


Wow! How nice would it be if people can trace a phone call just within a minute? But it’s simply impossible to trace a phone call within this time. It takes one hour to trace a phone call and it’s not that easy that you think. There are certain rules and regulations to be followed to trace a call. While all these won’t be telecasted in movies. They directly trace the call without any formalities.

4. The forensic process can solve crimes:

Forensic Process Give answers to all Questions


The fact that forensic process can only help to collect evidence for the crimes. But this remained unknown to people and they believe that this forensic process can solve the crimes. Actually, solving crimes is the work of policemen, not the forensic department.

5. Wait for 24 hours to report about a missing person:

You have to wait 24hours before reporting a person


There is not any need for anyone to report about a missing person. According to movies, it is said that you should wait for 24 hours to report about a missing person. Who knows what happens to the missing person in that 24 hours. You can contact the police immediately and complaint about the person. So they can get into action to find the missing person.

6. Drowning victims shout loudly seeking for help:

Drowning victims shout loudly

Can you speak while in water or do you think you can lift your hands up while drowning? This happens in very rare situations that people shout for help while drowning. Drowning is actually a very quite process. You can’t notice a person drowning that it happens in seconds.

7. Shooting two guns simultaneously and effectively:

Shooting two guns at the same time looks cool


It seems very interesting and amazing while watching movies that people use two guns at a time aiming to shoot two different targets. Is it possible that one can concentrate on two different targets at the same time? This can hardly happen. It just happens in movies and we watch it as a miracle.

8. Silencer makes the gun completely quite:

Silencer make every gun completely quiet


Silencer can’t reduce the sounds completely. It can reduce various decibels of sound in order to protect your ear. Even though, the gunshot is audible to the ears. But what happens in movies is that the silencer completely reduces the sound from the gun and it helps disguise your location.

9. Unlock a door lock with a gun:

A door can be unlocked with gun


While watching movies, we frequently see that door locks are unlocked simply with a gun. But in reality, this cannot happen. Because the padlock shackle is thick and made of iron. And I’m sure, a small bullet wouldn’t be able to break the lock and unlock the door. We can watch this only in movies, not in reality.

10. Skydivers can talk to each other during fall:

You can talk to another Sky Diver During Free Call


Movies show us that skydivers can talk with each other during fall. Is this something that can happen in reality. How would the voice of a person be audible for another while in the sky? Will the wind allow you to hear? The wind traveling past the skydivers’ ears will make them deaf. And therefore they can’t hear anything.

11. The pin of a grenade can be pulled out with their teeth:



We watch in movies that people pull out the grenade pins with their teeth and throw it to blast. Can this really happen? Not at all. The grenade pin is too hard to pull it out of it. There are only two chances that either you wouldn’t have your teeth or the pin will remain in the grenade. But in movies, the simply pull out the pin of the grenade.

12. An Asteroid belt is dense and crowded:

An asteroid belt is dense and crowded



The asteroid belt is as huge as an endless dessert. It has miles of vacuum between asteroids. In movies and videos, we see that the asteroids are near to each other and are less distant.

These are some of the myths we believe by watching movies. But these are actually almost impossible in real life.

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Image and Article Reference: Brightside