Most Expensive Materials In The World

For many centuries, people believed that some of the materials like diamond, platinum, and gold are the most expensive materials in the world. But people are absolutely wrong that there are still more expensive materials than these listed above. If it was said that these materials are the most expensive in the world, then what would be the price of the remaining materials that are costlier than these.

Here is the list of the most expensive materials in the world. Some of the materials on the list are hardly imaginable to buy for a normal person. Okay, let’s know the top most expensive materials in the world.

1. Antimatter:


Antimatter is the top most expensive material in the world. It costs Rs.1600 million ($25 million) to produce 1 milligram of positrons. Antimatter can be used as fuel for spacecraft in the future. But there is a flaw with its production that to get a gram of this, it needs all of the mankind to work without rest for about a year.

2. Californium:


Californium is the most expensive chemical element. It has been synthesized only once since its discovery in 1950. This material costs Rs.1,800 million ($27 million) per one gram. The Californium isotope is used in devices where layers of water and oil are found in oil wells.

3. Diamond:


Diamond is the most precious and famous stones on the planet. Almost all the ladies wish to have diamond jewelry with them. Diamonds are used along with other costly metals like platinum and gold in wedding rings and many other jewels. One gram of diamond costs Rs.36 lakhs ($55,000) per gram.

4. Tritium:


This gas is used in lighting such as self-illuminating EXIT lights in theaters, office buildings, and famous places like shopping malls, etc. Almost all the EXIT lights use this gas. It costs around Rs.1,000 million ($15 million) to produce a pound of Tritium.

5. Taaffeite:



This is the fifth most expensive materials. This is a precious stone available in pink, violet, red, and white colors. This material is million times rarer than diamond. It is a unique stone but not much popular as the diamond in jewelry. Since it is not being used in jewelry, probably it is inexpensive. This material costs Rs.12 lakh ($20,000) per gram.

6. Painite:




This is the world’s rarest stones that only a few people know about its existence. It is a mineral discovered just before 65 years and is available in orange and reddish-brown colors. There are less number of these stones in the world. This stone costs Rs.5.8 lakhs ($9,000) per gram.

7. Plutonium:


This is a heavy and fragile transuranic radioactive metal in silvery-gray color. This metal is used in the production of nuclear weapons and fuels for spacecraft as a source of energy. This metal tarnishes when exposed to air and when oxidized, it loses its shine and forms a dull coating. This metal costs Rs.2.5 lakhs ($4,000) per gram.

8. LSD:


LSD is a Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is a psychoactive narcotic substance known for its psychological effects. This brings a very expensive delay death to the person who has been addicted to this drug. This is a semi-synthetic drug for which the manufacturing process is quite difficult. The cost of this drug is Rs.1.9 lakh ($3,000) per gram.

9. Cocaine:


Cocaine is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug. It is also known as coke. Its intake would be either inhaled as a smoke, snorted, or injected into the veins. This is a dangerous crystal powder in white color. It costs Rs.15,200 ($236) per gram because of its naturalness and purity.

10. Heroin:


This is a powerful opiate that changes your perception and is most commonly used as a recreational drug for its euphoric effects. This drug is very difficult to get and is less available due to which it is so expensive but not more than Cocaine. The cost of this drug is nearly Rs.8,400 ($130) per gram.

11. Rhinoceros’ Horn:

Rhinoceros' Horn

You may think what is the use of the horn of a dangerous animal. Unlike the horns of other animals, the rhinoceros’ horn has some valuable medicinal properties which are said to cure cancer. The horn consists of only keratin, similar to a human hair and nail. Some historical belief says that rhino’s horns can purify water and detect poisoned liquids. The cost of the rhino’s horn is Rs.7,000 ($110) per gram.

12. Methamphetamine:


This is a strong Central Nervous System stimulant mainly used as a recreational drug. It is rarely used as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactive disorder and obesity. This is one of the expensive materials prohibited by law. The cost of this material is Rs.6,450 ($100) per gram.

13. Platinum:


This is a rare metal available in silvery steel color which is highly resistant to acid, alkali, and other compounds. Mostly, this material is used to produce jewels. The cost fo platinum is Rs.3,900 ($60) per gram.

14. Rhodium:


This is a very rare metal of the platinum group. For instance, one ton of our earth’s crust contains about 0.001g of Rhodium. It is a hard inert transition metal available in silvery-white color. The cost of Rhodium is Rs.3,750 ($58) per gram.

15. Gold:


Gold is the most well-known, precious, and common metal that most of the women have. Gold is resistant to most acids and is less costly compared to platinum. As platinum is used in jewels but not as much as gold is used. The cost of gold is Rs.3,600 ($56) per gram.

16. Saffron:


This is a unique and tasty spice that contributes for great health benefits. It consumes a huge time and efforts to produce this material. But the flavor and the healing properties are uncomparable with any other spices. The cost of Saffron is Rs.700 ($11) per gram.

These are the 16 most expensive materials in the world. Some of these from the top are almost impossible for a normal person to buy.

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