Shocking Facts About the Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle is the greatest unsolved mystery of the modern age. This is also called as Devil’s Triangle. It is a triangular shaped area in the North Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda Island to Miami, Puerto Rico and USA. Hundreds of people and numerous ships, boats and planes have disappeared inside this triangle. Reasons given for these disappearances vary from scientific to sheer myth.

Fact no.1

The Bermuda Triangle isn’t small. It is quite large and covers an area of 440,000 miles of sea. This is large than the combined area of Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Fact No. 2

Certainly, the Bermuda triangle isn’t fixed and its effect can be experienced outside of the triangle too.

Fact No. 3

The disappearances are ascribed to UFO’s and alien activity, city of Atlantis lost under the triangle and various other natural, geographical and technical reasons.

Fact No. 4

If any ship or plane disappears in the Triangle, its debris cannot be found reportedly a Stream runs near the triangle which washes away the debris.

Fact No. 5

At least 1000 lives are lost within the last 100 years. 4 aircraft and 20 yachts go missing every year on average.

Fact No. 6

US Government has AUTEC for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center inside the Bermuda Triangle which is located on the Andros Island of Bahamas. US Navy tests their submarines, weapons and sonar. However many are of the view that it is more than just the testing center.

Fact No. 7

In Bermuda Triangle, people have experienced electronic fog which can be a Time Travel Tunnel too. Pilot Bruce Gernon claims he lost 28 minutes after flying through a time-warping cloud tunnel. From radars, the plane went missing only to re-emerge in Miami Beach.

Fact No. 8

One of the famous and biggest losses of US Military occurred in 1945. Five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers flew from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a sortie to the island of Bimini. The mission had 14 men. The radio operators received a signal that the compass was not working after about 90 minutes. The communication was lost after that. The bombers were never found. The three planes that went for their rescue also disappeared.

Fact No. 9

The first person to report about Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus. The ship’s compass stopped working and he also saw a fireball in the sky, he wrote in his journals that inside the triangle.

Fact No. 10

Bermuda Triangle is one of the rare places on earth where the compass doesn’t point towards Magnetic North. It point towards true north which creates confusion. That’s why so many ships and planes lost its course in the triangle.

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About Bermuda Triangle

One of the most mysterious places of the world is Bermuda Triangle. This is a triangular area as an area shaped such as a dented trapezium in Western part of North Atlantic Ocean. This area enclosed by the ends from Bermuda Island to Miami (Florida) and San Juan (Puerto Rico). The Miami city accomplished the Triangle’s easternmost end. Here hundreds of people, watercraft and aircrafts mysteriously disappear into air or beneath the water.

In a research US navy claimed that in real the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t exist. Why is it such a mysterious place? What is the reason behind it? Where is Bermuda Triangle located and what is the length of this area? Is there a map? And do you get to confirm that when you cross the line and enter the area of Bermuda Triangle then what will be happen? Several types of questions arise in our mind.

Myths about Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is a very mysterious area on the Atlantic Ocean. There is a myth about this triangle that at this place several types of disappearances have occurred. Many planes and ships passing over it have disappeared. Approximately thousand lives are lost in the last hundred years. On an average, 20 yachts and 4 planes go missing every year. There is no evidence of disappearance. They call it “Devil’s triangle” as they believe that devil lives here. On concord, no one knows the exact reason behind it. There are some stories and myths prevailing, why do all of these big transportation machine go missing?  Most of the disappearances have mainly taken place around the southern boundary of the triangle between Florida and Puerto Rico.

Bermuda Triangle History

The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle have been documented for centuries. The Bermuda Triangle’s infamy first started with Christopher Columbus. In his journals he wrote the watercraft’s compass stopped working and saw a fireball in the sky too inside this area. When he looked down at his compass and observed that his compass was giving strange readings that day was October 8, 1492 according to Columbus. He didn’t inform his crew and didn’t yet take it seriously. Because having a compass that didn’t point to magnetic north may have sent the exactly on border crew into the wildly unthinking behaviour. This decision was apparently an ideal decision considering three days after when Columbus directly spotted a mysterious light. The crew got alarmed to go back to Spain.

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