Myths About Fast Foods

Myths About Fast Foods

Fast food is the first thing people like more than healthy food items. Because taste is the most important thing that we all prefer rather than health. Fast foods are the easily available eatables in almost all the restaurants, roadsides, and wherever we are. Only a few among the people ignore these type of fast foods because they are unhealthy.

Fast foods is not absolutely an unhealthy option. But it is, when preferred always. Certainly, we can’t guarantee the safety of food when it is not prepared by ourselves. Although, we won’t like when we eat only the items made in our kitchen by our mom. We wish to try different tastes at least once in a few days and that results in fast food.

Of course, they are fast foods that use healthy ingredients in their preparation. They can be eaten in that rare cases while eating fast food. But think if they are preparing them in huge quantities and in a quick and short period, are they prepared with care and clean as we do in our own kitchen? Let’s know what people do think about these fast foods?

Here are some ridiculous myths that people believe about fast foods.

1. Incorruptible hamburger:

Incorruptible hamburger

People believe that mass-produced food is made using industrial chemicals for its preservation. These chemicals are meant for paint stripping than eating. So people believe that fast food hamburgers never decay. The more weird thing is that despite being one of the most pervasive myths about food, it is also one of the easiest too debunk. You can see that the burger decomposes over time. Burgers even tend to dry out faster rather than decomposing. This is not because they have used chemicals in their preparation. The reason is that they don’t have much moisture in them after the cooking process. So, exposing them to air will remove the moisture content in that.

2. Fast food restaurants are less healthy:

Fast food restaurants are less healthy

Usually, we wish to go to restaurants when there is no time to prepare food or for small family treats. But most of us believe that fast food restaurants are less healthy than home-made recipes. Some researches have proved that a meal for an adult in restaurants comes with a side and half of an appetizer. Also they offer any free item often. An average full meal in a restaurant contains about 1,500 calories which is the recommended limit for saturated fat and sodium content.

3. Taco Bell’s Seasoned Beef contains only 35% meat:

Taco Bells Seasoned Beef

It was a rumoured a few years before that the Taco Bell’s seasoned beef contains only 35% of meat. Moreover, it was a grade D meat which is unfit for humans. Even though, it was somehow allowed to be sold to a number of people.

Later on, Taco Bell claimed and proved that their seasoned beef contains 88% meat and the remaining 12% is filler. This may not be ideal but is comparable to its competitors’ recipes. Still there are some people who fear to take the Taco Bell’s recipes as they think that these recipes contain chemical ingredients like maltodextrin. But the truth is that this chemical is absolutely safe and edible.

4. McDonald’s Frozen Dessert use Pig fat and no dairy:

McDonald Frozen Dessert

McDonald’s call their frozen treats as thick shakes or simply shakes. They don’t have them in their menus as Milkshakes. Noticing this, some people decided that these drinks are not proper milkshakes at all. In fact, they probably use no dairy. People proposed all sorts of fillers that includes pig fat, cow eyeball fluid, styro foam balls, bird feathers, and many such others.

The reason behind why McDonald’s don’t call them milkshakes is that they don’t use real ice cream in these treats. Instead of which they use pre-made mix that contains dairy. Managing to make fresh ice cream shakes on a huge scale is no so easy. Knowing that these shakes contain no dairy, no one will want to drink them from McDonald’s.

5. Salads are enough healthy:

Salads, in general, are known as the healthy options as they are made with fresh vegetables and fruits. And as it is obvious that fruits and vegetables are always the best thing that our body needs. These salads are said to be better than cheesy burgers and greasy fries and among other fast foods. In reality, salads need more cheese, meat and more dressing. It was proved that salads contain more calories as other menu items of fast foods. Also, these vegetable salads contains more fat, more sugar, and piles of sodium.

If salads contain these many contents like fat, sugar, a lot of calories, and sodium, and other unwanted things, how do we declare it as a healthy fast food? It’ll be an always no option.

6. Fast food is cheap:

One of the most common myths about fast food and junk food is that it is cheap rather than it is an unhealthy option. Anyone would choose fast foods if it is comparatively cheaper than other restaurant foods. Fast food will be the first option if it is cheaper even in the presence of some other far higher quality food. And fast food is a more convenient choice instead of preparing at home by your own. But it is better to cook on your own and have a healthy dinning at your home.

7. Arby’s Roast beef is made from a gel:

Arbys Roast beef

Some rumours about the Arby’s roast beef are available in a liquid gel form inside a sealed plastic bag. This mixture is heated until it becomes sliceable. Even though this rumor has understandable origins, it’s still completely false. A thin layer of basting solution over the meat looks like a gel. You may or may not find Arby’s recipe appetizing in particular, but is assured that it is actually beef.

8. Dark Roasted Coffee contains more Caffeine:

Dark Roasted Coffee

One of the most common mistakes who order coffee is that they think bolder and blacker coffee is stronger and gives a more intense sleep. But the fact is that for the strongest caffeine, a lighter roasted coffee is the perfect selection to order. It’s all because of the roasting process that green coffee beans become darker. And if the coffee beans are roasted more, they tend to loose more caffeine. So darker roasts have less caffeine than the lighter ones.

These are the most common myths that people believe about fast foods.

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